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January 30th, 2016 00:00

Need to know about Hypers in VMAX

Hi All,

Physical disk in VMAX are partitioned into hypers,maximum number of hypers supported is 255 in VMAX.

In my Environment maximum hypers per disk are 8 which is what i was able to see from EMC unisphere and hypers where seen as part of data device.

Questions1)Now my question is are hypers created on disk when data device (TDAT) is created or is it initially created before creation of  data device.

Question 2)I understand there are 5 locks in VMAX Director lock,front end lock,backend lock, static lock and CE lock

Please let me what are operations which takes up director lock,front end lock,backend lock, static lock and CE lock,Please e

xplain me this point in great detail.

August 24th, 2016 02:00

Hypers are created at the initial configuration of the Symmetrix VMAX. They are created by EMC teams at the time of the set up of the array. Data devices may/may not need to be created at the same time.

Regarding locks:

There are four kinds of locks that can be taken during a configuration change session. The granularity of the locks allow operations that do not take the same locks to run in parallel.

Director locks are taken by changes when a director is affected. A mapping operation will lock the director to which a device is being mapped. However, a different device being mapped to a different director will not take the same locks and could, therefore, be mapped in parallel.

The front end device lock is taken when the front end of the device, such as meta-formation or device mapping is being undertaken.

The backend device lock is taken when the back end is being affected. An Optimizer swap affects the back end only.Changes that require a reloading of the IMPL.bin file take the static configuration lock. This lock prevents other configuration changes that require IMPL changes. Other configuration changes can happen concurrently if they need device locks or director locks.

There is a CE Config Lock, that is set from the Service Processor, that acts like the old lock 15. It prevents any other configuration changes from happening on the Symmetrix.

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