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March 5th, 2024 17:05

Most of iDRAC Redfish API properties are not set


I am using the iDRAC Redfish API to retrieve some information from our PowerEdge servers. When requesting the EthernetInterfaces properties (as described on page 290 of the iDRAC9 Redfish API guide), I notice that most of the properties are not set (Hostname, IPv4Addresses, ...). What should be done to have these properties set so that I can retrieve them?



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March 6th, 2024 15:20



Being that the hostname is just the name of the iDRAC on that API, which the iDrac always has, makes me think that the issue may be out of date firmware. I say that as that API just feeds from the basic connection settings of the iDrac, so it is possible that the firmware you're on is older than those where it has been correctly implemented. So you may want to consider updating the platform completely, and possible try rebooting the iDrac itself as well, in order to see if the issue is resolved. 


Let me know how it goes and if this helps.



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March 14th, 2024 17:46

@DELL-Chris H​ Nope. I installed the latest iDRAC firmware.

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