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July 5th, 2023 14:00

UnityXT Replication with Unity

Is it possible to replicate EMC UnityXT series with Unity Devices (for exmaple Uniity 300 with Unity 380XT or 480XT) in sync or async mode? 

what are the prerequisites and requirements for it?



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July 6th, 2023 02:00

Hello Yasirsdt,

Here is the link to Dell Unity: Replication Technologies, and if you look at appendix C it list replication support across platforms.

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July 6th, 2023 01:00

We have a Unity 300 device with a capacity of approximately 50TB. Due to our concerns regarding system stability, availability and redundancy, we have decided to purchase a second device with a similar capacity. However, it is crucial for us to ensure data synchronization (replication) between the existing device and the new device from the XT series. therefor, we need to confirm if these two devices will be compatible with each other in terms of data synchronization capabilities.  

July 6th, 2023 02:00

Yes, you can replicate between an x00 and an x80 model.

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