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August 17th, 2023 10:49

Updates 8/17/23 - MalwareBytes

The following has been copied/pasted from Malwarebytes 4.6 - Malwarebytes for Windows Support Forum - Malwarebytes Forums

Hello friends,

Great news! Our amazing product development teams have been working hard to bring you some exciting changes as we introduce Malwarebytes v4.6!

Here's what's new with Malwarebytes component package 1.0.2114.

Features and improvements

  • Security Advisor is now Trusted Advisor
  • Trusted Advisor protection score and dashboard messages
  • Free users can ignore items monitored by Trusted Advisor
  • New background Exosphere
  • Enhanced multi-language support
  • Minor detection improvements

Issues fixed

  • Notification bug for scan new download
  • Notification bug for trial eligibility


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