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January 2nd, 2024 20:37

VXrail 3 node cluster

Is there really a 3 node VXrail cluster? I can only find documentation for a 2 node cluster with an off cluster witness. If there is a 3 node cluster capability, can someone share documentation on how that is set up?



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January 2nd, 2024 21:29

Hello Mike-Phoenix,

You can have a vxrail cluster with up to 64 nodes in the cluster. Here is a link to the vxrail support matrix and if you look on page 9 it list the info for your nodes in a cluster.

Here is also the link to VxRail node addition matrix as well.

January 2nd, 2024 21:57

@Dell_Sam_L​ Hi, I see that is states a 3 node cluster is valid but I am unable to find any architectural documentation on how this is done, nor will the VXrail sizer allow for a 3 node cluster. Can you send me technical documentation on how I configure a 3 node cluster?



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January 3rd, 2024 08:14

Hello Mike-Phoenix,

Here is the link to solve online and you can use this to generate the procedure for installing a 3or more node cluster. You will need to select VxRail Appliance, then select Install, then select Installation Procedures, you will need to select you VxRail appliance and VxRail software image, then it will ask you cluster type, finish all other steps and when completed it will generate you the procedure.


Here is also a link to a video that shows when you configure your cluster for the first time, which cluster setting you want as well.

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January 17th, 2024 05:10


3node cluster is general and supported.
VxRail sizer does not offer you 3 node configuration because VxRail sizer consider Host Rebuild Reservation by default.
If you wish to configure as 3 node cluster, you have to select "No" at the filter option of "Add HA"

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