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December 4th, 2023 19:23

W10 won't boot

Hi Guys,

I need your help regarding Latitude E6430, but I think that doesn't matter now.

After battery discharge the notebook won't start W10.

Manufacturer logo --> w10 logo --> blank screen.

I looked around and find some articel and video.

I think I have to start recovery mode on the notebook.

There is a (and more) video, which can help, but no success.

The main question is, how do I get the notebook to start in recovery mode?

What is Dell's recommended procedure for this?

Any suggestions are welcome!

Thx, Istvan

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December 4th, 2023 21:25

Accessing the Advanced startup options using the Windows installation media is the most recommended method. If Windows is not loading, or the computer does not start because of a Bluescreen or STOP error, the Advanced startup options can be accessed using the Windows installation media.

You can also power on the computer then forced power off by pressing and holding power button more than 5 seconds.  Repeat the process 3 times and it will boot into Advanced startup, Recovery Environment.

December 5th, 2023 11:22

Hello @Chino de Oro 

Thanks for your reply! I'll try at home in the evening.

In the mean time I tested it at work with a well functioning Dell notebook and my experience is that sometimes it works and somatimes it dosn't. (I mean boot into recovery mode.)

What can be the reason?

Thx, István

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December 5th, 2023 12:04

It's the timing.  The system would go through POST, then it would detecting OS boot and being forced powered off.  On the third OS boot attempt, system found the logs from previous failed boot attempts, it would boot into RE (Recovery Environment) as being programmed.

On a system with OS boot issue, it usually triggers RE at the first failed boot.

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