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June 28th, 2023 04:00

Move WMS server to new server / Install 2nd WMS server


the question has been asked several times here in the forum, but unfortunately there has not been a concrete answer yet.

Is there any way to move a Dell WMS from one to a new server if you don't have a PRO version?

Or alternatively is it possible to install and run WMS on a new server at the same time? I am concerned that the 3040 ThinClients already set up will then try to connect directly to the new server.

Thanks in advance and best regards

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June 28th, 2023 07:00

There isn't an official guide and there are a few ways to accomplish this.

I have seen customers build a new WMS server of the same WMS version, and leverage a database backup and restore to achieve this. 

I have also seen customers leverage the "WMS Settings" section of a policy to move their clients to a new WMS server.  With this method (and the free version of WMS) you will need to manually recreate your groups and policies.  


Building a new server in parallel to the existing server will in no way programmatically move associated thin clients to the new server.  WMS does not go out and discover existing thin clients. The thin clients will need to be instructed to move. 

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