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October 24th, 2023 13:53

Pull or Push image failed : Repository server not available : code 105


We have WMS 3.0 (free edition) working for years, but recently we were unable to pull or image from it.

We try to install WMS 4.0 (on windows 2019) and 4.1.1 (on windows 2022) same result : Repository server not available : code 105.

Many thanks in advance for your help

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October 25th, 2023 18:49

I would certainly be trying an updated WMS as 3.0 was released in 2020 and is no longer supported.

When I see this happen it boils down to a few things. 

  1.  Can the device (thin client) resolve both the Netbios and FQDN of the WMS Server?
    1. Try to ping server and from the command prompt
  2. Is the windows firewall enabled on the WMS server possibly blocking 443 or 1883?
  3. When the device is registered to WMS, can you right-click on it and "Send Message", does it pop up on the client?
  4. Can you share screenshots of the error?
  5. Does the device reflect an image request has been received and do you reboot it?  
  6. Does it fail in Merlin/

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