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May 13th, 2022 08:00

Wyse Management Suite trial

Hi Guys,

I have applied the trial license for the On-Site Pro version of WMS and it has now expired.  I did not require any of the additional features given by the Pro version and need to revert back to the Standard version.  Is there any way of doing this without uninstalling and reinstalling the application?  I have a lot of configurations that I would like to keep.



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May 14th, 2022 04:00


There is no way to revert from paid to free. A reinstall will be required. 

While the paid version does allow for the import and export of policies, the free version does not.

While there may not be "features" with the pro version you find required, one often overlooked feature available with the Pro version is ProSupport. With the free version, support is limited.


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