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September 12th, 2023 06:46

I cant install THIN OS On emmc hard drive 16gb

Hi i have a problem with installing THIN OS on WYSE 5070 

I insert the pendrive, the image loads normally, I am in the Dell program to select the image I want to select, I select "WTOS" The installation continues normally, but when the completion window appears and I click restart, the system does not see anything installed. no boot device The next problem is that when I want to reload the image from the pendrive, the Dell image selection program does not load, instead it displays a black "x" with a white border. 

TC is WYSE 5070 8/16 EMMC with card reader 

Can the emmc drive be damaged? 

I have installed many of these systems and have never had this problem before Thank you for answers

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