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July 19th, 2023 06:00

ThinOS upgrade very slow for mass deployment

I have noticed that the firmware upgrade UI since the release of version 9.1+ is not as informative as it was in the older versions. The package gets downloaded, and then the system goes into an idle state, causing everything to hang. The Wyse device becomes unusable, and there is no notification about the upgrade (displaying only the background). If we leave the system running for some time in this state, the upgrade eventually starts, but it usually takes a while.

This presents a challenge when conducting a mass upgrade for a large number of devices. The end users will not be aware that there is an upgrade happening in the background. If a user mistakenly powers off the device or attempts to restart it, the firmware can become corrupted, requiring recovery with the USB (Merlin image).

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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July 19th, 2023 07:00

Enhancing the upgrade experience was a major focus in the 2306 release and will also see further updates moving forward.  

I dont have screenshots but I know that a new "Servicing mode" was introduced.  You will not see the benefits of this until you get to 2306 and higher. The 2308 (August) release will likely improve on this as well.

Page 109

  • Added package download status icon—The operating system, BIOS, and applications are downloaded in the background
    and installed in servicing mode. Click the package download status icon to check the download status.
    NOTE: The icon is displayed only when there is operating system, BIOS, or applications downloading from the Wyse
    Management Suite server. The icon is not displayed when entering servicing mode or changing group.
  • ew OS, BIOS, Application update process—Servicing mode
    ● Updated the order from OS > BIOS > Application to BIOS > OS > Application. After BIOS update, ThinOS reboots
    and then continues to update the operating system. After operating system update, ThinOS reboots and then continues to
    update the application.
    ● Removed the bottom-right download progress window. The operating system and BIOS downloads in the background and is
    installed in servicing mode. Applications are both downloaded and installed in servicing mode.
    NOTE: The operating system firmware and BIOS firmware downloads in the background, and the thin client can
    download them when Live Update is disabled. However, the installation cannot be completed until the next reboot.
    ● When ThinOS enters servicing mode, ThinOS automatically logs off when you are logged in. You cannot log in until the
    update process is finished.
    ● If the update fails, ThinOS automatically exits servicing mode after a countdown. You can also click Exit to exit the mode
    manually. After exiting the servicing mode, you can log in to continue your work.
    ● The applications that fail to update are displayed in the failed application list.
    ● If you update an invalid application package, like trying to install an application released prior or as part of ThinOS 2205, the
    update fails. Reboot your device and the device does not download and install the invalid application package again.
    ● If you do not connect power adapter to the ThinOS client, the update fails with a 60-seconds countdown error AC power is
    not connected.
    ○ If you connect the power adapter in 60 seconds, ThinOS exits servicing mode and then enters servicing mode again to
    continue the update process.
    ○ If you do not connect the power adapter in 60 seconds, ThinOS exits servicing mode after the countdown is complete.
    You must reboot and update again.
    ● If the network disconnects during application package download, ThinOS waits for 45 seconds
    ○ If network is recovered in 45 seconds, the current downloading application package is ignored and the next application
    package begins to install. After the other application packages are updated, the client automatically reboots and
    downloads the application package that was not downloaded in the beginning.
    ○ If network is not recovered in 45 seconds, a message is displayed stating that the application package list has failed to
    install. You can connect network and reboot to update again.

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July 20th, 2023 01:00

Hi. I already replied to a similar post above, but what CPU have your clients? We noticed the same behaviour you describe only with the clients with the Intel Celeron J4105 CPU. For this reason we started buying only clients with the J5005 or better. 

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