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August 19th, 2022 11:00

WYSE 5010 WES7 no user account

Good Day.

Had bought a WYSE 5010 (brand new), just to fool around with a low spec PC and some retro games. Since it had WES7 preinstalled, it was perfect. Having 0 background in thin clients/IT/progrmaming besides Excel VBA for work, I assumed the user account the client logged into was some sort of guest, as it didn't ask for a password. So, logged into admin, and deleted the "User" account. Everything was working well, however after restarting the PC, it fails to login, and shows a login screen with the "user" account and no other option. The password doesn't work, and when attempting to login onto Admin by choosing login with other accounts and manually typing in admin and the password, it doesn't recognize it. Since I can't login into Windows, I obviously cannot logoff while pressing Shift to access Admin login screen. 

After some web surfing, I found out that the system has some sort of .ini file that tells it to login to a certain user. However, many articles had either dead links to old wyse website, or assumed you didn't do the idiotic actions previosly mentioned. (Or were made for ThinOS or linux, whereas the system at hand is WES7). 

I am at a loss, as I'd like to keep the activated WES7. Is there any way to remove that .ini file or to get to the admin logon screen directly at boot (as I won't be needing the non-admin account)? If necessary, I can pull out the flash memory and connect it to a working Win10 system to edit the files (if that is even possible)

Non-IT guy uses a thin client, deletes default auto-login account from admin, can't access WES7 now after rebooting.


Regards, sycl0n3

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August 19th, 2022 15:00

So apparently the admin user is actually called "Administrator".... yeah.

Created a linux live USB, browsed into the Windows folder, and looked up the autologon registry values... saw "Administrator" and the default password... restrarted and booted into WES7, ented the aforementioned values... and of course it worked...

Now the only issue to resolve is the PC trying to login into that non-existing user by default, and clean up the unneccesary programs and configurations.

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