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November 28th, 2023 19:20

XPS 8940, locking up/freezing since 2.15 BIOS update

XPS 8940

XPS 8940

This is a last ditch effort to get some kind of help because I honestly don't know what to do. While my computer was under warranty, I experienced no issues. Everything ran perfectly and it was an amazing computer. Once my warranty expired on July 23, 2023, I began experiencing some intermittent lockups that I brushed off because there was no BSOD. 

The lockups/freezing started to happen more as the year went on, and the past few months have been nothing short of miserable with this computer. It is my only computer and it's what I would consider a good computer, less than three years old - and to have issues like this is kinda ridiculous. However, its out of warranty now and I can only get support if I pay, which I cannot afford right now because I live on a fixed income. 

Since I updated my BIOS at the beginning of the week, the freezing/lockups are happening 3-5 times a day, requiring a manual restart of my computer. There are no other signs that anything is wrong - and my computer passes all other "Support Assist" tests. There are no slow downs, no BSOD, and it doesn't happen when I'm under heavy workload usually - it's typically when I do something mundane like - open a text document while in a discord call, open something in file explorer from another drive, open another browser window. Low effort things. 

Here is my system information: 

Windows 11 Home - 10.0.22631 Build 22631
Dell XPS 8940
11th Gen Intel Core 17 - 11700 2.5GHz 8Core

32G RAM - NVIDIA GeForce 3060 Ti

BIOS version 2.15.1 9/27/2023

NVME WD BLACK SSD 1000GB main drive

WDC WD SSD 1000GB 2nd drive

WDC WD HDD 500 GB storage

Please let me know if I can provide other information. I feel like I cannot use my computer and I don't know what to do. This is my first Dell computer, and in all my life, I've never had issues like this with a desktop PC, which should be more stable. I'm honestly so disappointed in the lack of support options and the lack of help I've been met with and don't know what to do. 

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April 10th, 2024 14:34


That driver is the 551.68 version Nvidia's numbering system. Still old, Nvidia does have one newer though, 552.12.

I doubt did any changes though as the version number is the same as Nvidia release is.

I've been using the Nvidia released Game Ready drivers with BIOS V2.13.1 and as long as I set in the Nvidia Control Panel Power setting to MAX. POWER, I do NOT lock up. However, I do use the CLEAN INSTALL and 'randomly' it  will reset the setting of power to the DEFAULT... not every time it seems, but often it does. When after I install a new Nvidia Driver I forget to look, I soon lock up... and then when I power back on, first thing I check, and yup, it was at the default setting. Good to go after that.

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April 22nd, 2024 03:27

I know this is a community forum and I cannot get help here, but I am so frustrated and this is the only place I have found to even state what my problem with my 8940 xps and this company is. My cpu died soon after the dell support sub expired. Due to all the hard resets I had to do because of all the freezing and locking up, my cpu got fried. I purchased my dell in summer/fall 2022. I now own an $1800 dollar paperweight. I tried to contact dell support which is virtually impossible. The only help I got was to renew my dell support subscription or to send it in to dell to get an estimate on how much it would cost for them to fix it. I tried leaving a review, but you have a very small window before the time you're allowed to review your product expires. I would like my money back, but apparently that's out of the question unless I pay even more money to dell to fix it.

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