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December 4th, 2023 20:59

XPS 8960, PSU, loud metallic rattling noise

Bought my XPS 8960 back in July 2023 and from the start there was this intermittent and extremely annoying metallic rattling noise coming from the PSU in the bottom of the machine. I put up with it for a while, but it started to get louder and more frequent.

Got in touch with Dell CS who, due to my irregular working pattern agreed to send out a replacement PSU to install myself.

It was only a 5 minute task and very easy, but the new (actually refurbished) unit was actually louder, so removed it from PC boxed it up and returned it back to them and reinstalled my original PSU.

Contacted them again to report what happened and they sent out a technician to do exactly the same as what I had done. In fact I actually knew my way around the PC better than the tech, who to be fair was a bit feckless.

And he was supplied with another refurbished unit.

Guess what? Same exact issue about an hour after the tech left, so I gave up trying at that point until a couple of days ago when the noise started getting louder, a lot more frequent and lasting for longer periods.

Contacted Dell CS again who have agreed to send out another tech but I know they are gonna send out tech with yet another refurbished unit and I'm beginning to think that all these refurbished PSU (which have been "LiteOn" branded units) are from systems that people have complained about noisy PSU and Dell are just trying their luck in getting rid of them.

Absolutely TTP now though as I've spent countless hours trying to sort this out and still no resolution. Even mentioned the numerous threads on here where this has been happening for well over 18 months with other customers and that other have identified the LiteOn 759w PSU as being the culprit, but it just falls on deaf ears.

Anyone else had a XPS8960 or even the previous XPS8950 (which some have had the same problem) and had any satisfactory resolution?

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February 13th, 2024 09:48

@arisdavid​ update 

I had the PSU replaced today by a Dell Technician. It’s running quiet now. 


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December 5th, 2023 01:22

Have you tried asking Tech Support to provide/install the equivalent 750W PSU from a different supplier than LiteOn? 

Dell surely has more than one supplier for these PSUs...


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January 28th, 2024 16:57

I have this same issue - I am about to engage with Dell support as it is doing my head in!


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January 28th, 2024 18:30

1.5 hours into a live chat, they are sending someone out to look.

It took this long because they tried to tell me the rattling is a "power efficiency feature". 🙄

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February 11th, 2024 10:56

I am having this exact same issue. Rattling noise. I thought it was the front fan, but upon checking it seems to be coming from the PSU. Talking to dell support right now. Let’s see what solutions they’ll come up. 

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