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November 27th, 2023 12:49

XPS 8960 Tower compatible RAM

XPS 8960

XPS 8960

What RAM modules are compatible for this PC? Crucial has DDR5 5600 as a module for this PC on their site, but I cannot find anything on the DELL site. The instruction manual show DDR5 4800 as compatible RAM, but I wanted to know if anyone has ran faster RAM and/or is the Crucial site correct in listing 5600 as compatible. Thanks

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November 27th, 2023 15:02

I bought RAM for my XPS 8960 at Crucial. 5600 MHz is the maximum speed of the DIMM. Its maximum speed inside your 8960 is determined by the computer's memory controller, which in this case is 4800 MHz.


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November 27th, 2023 15:16

@Bulldog is spot on and that page at Crucial can be found here.

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November 27th, 2023 15:34

@Bulldog​ Good to know. I will probably go with 5600 since that is somewhat future proofing for other PC builds if needed. Thanks

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