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November 13th, 2020 08:00

Customer service and quality control at an all-time low Dell XPS

I have been a long-time Dell consumer and advocate due to the build quality and innovation when it comes to laptops and monitors. I even switched off apple because of what dell has been doing. I currently own 1 laptop, 2 monitors, and a desktop, all made by Dell. I will honestly probably never buy a dell product again after this experience. I purchased the new dell XPS 15 9500 in white with all, and I mean all the bells and whistles, and it was not cheap. I had read the thousands of reviews and posts about the trackpad issue, but then dell promised the community it had fixed it back in July (for reference, I purchased my XPS in October). When it arrived, the trackpad was very clearly wobbly, uneven, and had this weird clicking noise when I did not click it. I immediately called Dell technical support and could not speak to a single person in the US or anyone who had any real knowledge (and I pay for premium support plus). That is a lot of money to speak to some guy in India who has no idea how a laptop even works. After, I kid you not 4 hours of phone waiting and talking to 3 different people; they sent me a replacement. It took a month for the first laptop to arrive; then, it took almost 3 weeks for the second one to come. I open it up, and what do you know, it has the same exact problem. I immediately call up tech support that I pay so much for, and they hang up on me 4 times when they said, please hold. After almost 2 hours of waiting and re-calling, I finally get someone who says they will send another one, but it will take another 3 weeks. This has been so horrendous, and the quality control is so bad I do not know how they can justify charging almost $3,000 for a laptop. I have no idea what to do now except maybe talk to BBB and keep having them replace them until I eventually get one that works. Perhaps I just go and buy the new Razor or HP Spectre as they seem to do proper quality control and have an actual customer service team I can talk to.

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July 5th, 2022 07:00

My Dell is terrible but my brother's Mac is just as bad.


I also have two Lenovo and a swift 3 in the house. Either of these seem better reliability and value

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