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January 24th, 2018 18:00

XPS 13-9370, mouse cursor lagging and stuttering

Having an issue with my new XPS 9370. Using the touchpad (haven't tried using a mouse with it at all), the mouse cursor sometimes stutters/freezes for a second then keeps going. Happens quite a lot actually. Sometimes it actually stutters multiple times in one swipe on the touchpad but other times it works fine..any ideas on what to do? I don't see any specific touchpad options in windows settings or anything either.. Thanks

March 3rd, 2018 04:00

Same issue down the Equator (live in Brazil). Started just as I finished setting it up. At first seemed like a Google Chrome issue but it is not.

Shame that such a powerful machine (i7, 16GB, Windows 10PRO BR) is facing this.

Any news?

March 3rd, 2018 19:00

I think I have found 2 solutions for this problem, both based on the assumption that it is a CPU management related issue. On simple terms when the CPU is on low usage some Intel technologies will start to “shut down” parts of the CPU.

Both solutions require BIOS changes (F12 on boot)

  1. Disable Intel Speedstep: this will make your CPU run on its base speed (on mine i7 always at 1,8 GHz). On the downside it will make your XPS lose performance (Intel Hyper-Threading should kick in on more demanding taks). I tested it and did NOT notice any lagging and stuttering. Use only if full performance is not a requirement. I am not using this solution since I use a lot of statistical and data analysis applications and did notice performance loss; OR
  2. Disable C-State: This will prevent your XPS to “shut down” parts of CPU during low system usage. My hypothesis is that the problem occurs when these parts of CPU needs to be “waken up” it is taking then too long. On the downside your XPS will consume more energy. This is the solution I have adopted and so far, NO problems.

Both solutions are workarounds (number 2 if proven correct is near optimal). Nevertheless, I urge my US friends to keep up pushing Dell for a definite solution since here in Brazil the support is limited.

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March 4th, 2018 02:00

double post

March 4th, 2018 02:00

Sounds like a different issue, since freezing also appears while not on charger.

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March 4th, 2018 02:00

I'm using a  XPS 9550 but I'm having an issue with the mouse stuttering then the laptop locking up. Its been doing this since the motherboard was replaced after the Nvdia card blew up last weekend. Dell Support have me on the correct Bios and drivers etc and are still fault finding however I have noticed my issue is only affecting the Left USB and when on charge. After extensive fault finding (stuffing various peripherals into my laptop) the left USB goes defective when the battery is on charge and the temperature on the CPU and GPU are over 50 degrees. 

The right USB remains unaffected in any scenario. 

Just something to try if you are having problems with the laptop freezing and you have a device connected to the left hand side. (charger side)



March 4th, 2018 03:00

Good idea! However, I tried both disable C-State and speedstep but the issue still appears.

March 4th, 2018 07:00

If you are facing issues with both (C-States and Speedstep) DISABLED make sure no installed software is causing this since Windows will eventually freeze or hang on high softwares loads (it is "natural"), something I barely see on my Macbook Pro. My XPS (with just C-State disabled) does present some lagging during the first seconds while everything is being started up, after 15 or 30 seconds its all good. If it is your case try disabling some startup applications. Remember that if you have disabled Speedstep as well your XPS will be slower tending to freeze more during startup. 

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March 5th, 2018 04:00

I have been having issues with the touchpad freezing for the last few weeks with my Dell XPS 13 (9343)

Was wondering weather it corresponds to the updates pushed out in light of the Spectre and Meltdown scares?

The touchpad appears to freeze with 100% CPU usage

March 5th, 2018 05:00

Seems to work with Speedstep DISABLED. Second day without freezing. However only disabling C-State didn't work for me.

It is sad, since i would like to reach the max frequency limits of the CPU during my work.



March 5th, 2018 05:00


seems to be a different issue, since we have it also with very low CPU usage (under 20%) and even on being idle.



March 5th, 2018 10:00

Well, I still have the same problems even with updating the BIOS, the Drivers for the IGP and the SSD.

Also tried the disabling C-state and Speedstep same behaviour.
During the problem the CPU load is low and the temps are in the 44 - 50 degrees celsius range.

Ill be asking for a refund, to bad because I like this little thing...
Just don't have the time to be messing around with a new laptop.

March 5th, 2018 10:00

My problems returned as my first workday after receiving the computer. Hanging and freezing during client's presentations, shame the computer is useless working like this (So C-State solution is out of the table).

Had Dell Brazilian Remote Support check the computer, where several Windows Services where stoped and all Dell standard tests returned normal...But after remote support was over the problem persisted. On a second attempt they monitored the CPU (i7) during stress test and found out that temperatures would reach temperatures above 100 C (212 F) leading then to conclude that the computer had a hardware issue (my Macbook Pro under heavy loads reach 100 maximum without issues nevertheless it is a different older computer i5). For me strange conclusion that this is the source of the problem but...

They will replace or refund me, I am still deciding.

I am using Windows Pro, anyone with Windows Home facing this issue? 

March 5th, 2018 11:00

Same here, no time to wast doing what Dell should have done prior to launch. Was in doubt on a refund ou replacement unity but after receiving Dell's position that my case (3 days old computer) is under evaluation by management to see if I can be refunded or replaced (something granted by Brazilian consumer laws) things are pretty much decided. After sales also matters Dell!

March 5th, 2018 12:00

Day 4 of using the replacement device and it is flawless without having done anything. I am getting the feeling that internally they have addressed the issue, but just not made it public. The only way you will solve this issue is by replacing. I didn´t ask for a refund, because this machine´s specs is still far superior than others. 

March 5th, 2018 18:00

Dear perpetoomMy XPS was already back to the box when I read your Potential Solution, unboxed to give it another try since it is a nice machine (when it is not frozen).

Searching google I found that Intel Panel-Self-Refres is causing  screens freezes on several computer models (Surface 4, Lenovo Yoga...). The best description to this problem we are facing is from a Surface Pro 4 forum: "Some people are experiencing a weird problem where their SP4's screen would randomly freeze for a couple of seconds. It's not the system locking up, everything seems to continue to run in the background and it doesn't happen when watching videos or running applications, where there's a lot of motion on the screen." Exactly what we are facing since everything besides the screen is working (being CAPS LOCK light on/off a good indicator).

All the solutions I read are: DISABLE Panel Self-Refresh. That is just another of these tools to make your battery last longer and your life harder...

Well my XPS 9370, i7, 16GB, BIOS v1.2, Touch UHD with latest Dell driver (not Intel's latest).

I will give my conclusion by tomorrow after a work day (actually working with the computer) but so far it seems that you have found the solution. The screen freeze was largely noticed under Google Chrome and now it is (so far) working flawless. Maybe The Samsung can check if its newly shipped XPS is disabled by default.

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