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14 de mayo de 2023 17:00

Dell Precision 690 power problems when Graphics card is installed.

Hi! I am currently trying to upgrade an old Dell precision 690 to an usable state by today's standards (not the most cost effective thing to do, I know) but I am a bit stuck in the GPU front. When I install an AMD RX580 the pc fails at POST and shuts down. The graphics card works fine (I've tested it several times in different machines) the PSU isn't the issue (it works fine with all other components and I've tried using external power supply but it didn't work either) and the pci express slot also works because it works fine with other lower spec cards. I get an 1-4 blinking with ambar in the power on button. I have seen 690 working with the RX570 so I don't really know why it refuses to work with my RX580, is there any chance I can get it to work?

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