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November 25th, 2023 15:06

Corrupt bios Alienware x15 r2

Hi there I hope someone can help me with fixing this issiue


My Alienware x15 r2 stopped working, which is around 2years old.
power light and keyboard turns on, power lights give 2red and 3 blue lights,
screen stays black

From dell error codes it says this is error
2,3 No memory or Random-Access Memory (RAM) detected

after disassembling and removing battery removing any electricity left with power button on without psu connected, the same symptoms.

After removing the motherboard and disconnecting all cables , only psu kabel and display cable connected , it powered on and showed bios recovery screen

But the thing is, since USB and keyboard wasn't connected I couldn't perform the reset. So after shutting down the system and reconnecting keyboard cable the system stay black screen again, then I removed all cables again and only display plus psu connected as before, the screen is still black and not comming into bios recovery no matter how many times I try.

I Couldn't find any schematics for the board to try diagnose it any further,

I was thinking of trying to do bios reprogram with my programming tool but I noticed there are around 3-4 winbound chips and I am not certain which one is actually the main bios one or if I could find a working dump for this system

the motherboard is LA-L611

Any help is truly appreciated

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November 25th, 2023 15:08

Is there a procedure meant for the x15 r2 for bios recovery manually with USB?

Or anything else I can try, I can only find procedure for older laptops which don't seem to work with this one

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