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July 29th, 2021 03:00

Dell Laptop shuts down while browsing

I recently purchased a laptop, and after a week of use, I am using it for a few hours, and I am just about to visit my company's website, Dchel Valves , when my Dell XPS 1330 Laptop suddenly shuts down for a few minutes. Is it due to excessive hours on the work or anything else?

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August 15th, 2021 21:00

I'm having all the same issues with the screen and colors. I've tried dealing with Dell Support but I'm not confident their fix is going to solve the issues. Uninstalling the video card drivers didn't help so they wanted to do some big convoluted solution that I don't have time to do. On the plus side other than the warmer white balance of the screen the vivid color issues seem to go away when editing in Lightroom with a more natural look. Dell PremierColor does nothing. The sRGB mode does NOTHING. It keeps it at vivid/vibrant. It used to work on my XPS 9570.  I'm hoping a fix is coming. 

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