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Gnu/Linux kernel & module/driver developer who dabbles in SELinuxWork for the government developing, installing, and maintaining various systems within DoD and DoC I am a straight talker and try not offend anyone, but if you post something stupid I will more than likely tell you ;-) I am extremely disappointed with the lack of Dell Linux support and try my best to answer posts that have ZERO replies or just use Windows troubleshooting mentality and apply it to Gnu/Linux operating systems.  I spend most of my time on Fedora and RedHat Enterprise Linux, but tend to stray occasionally to Debian.  If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will do my best to answer them.  I was a member here a while back but got booted because I bad mouthed the Dell support I received and so got a little annoyed but saw a post recently that just outraged me and figure I could spare my emotions to help the greater good of the Linux world.  Oh, I tend to be sarcastic so apologies for the scathing remarks.  Maybe I will get booted again .... let's see how long this time around.
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