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Help needed on a vWorkspace issue


Recently we have started to upgrade our vWorkspace clients from version 8.0.306.1427 to version 8.6.309.4530.

The upgraded clients all seem to cope with an issue. When the user get's presented the pop-up for his credentials, and the user makes a typo inserting either his username or password, after pressing enter the pop-up disappears and a second later it reappears re-requesting for credentials. It's not returning a different pop-up notificating the user of wrong / invalid credentials.

As such the user simply hits enter again assuming that perhaps he hasn't hit the enter button properly the other time. By the 3rd time, the user get's locked out and neither receives a message about that. The only way to figure out the user has been locked out is by checking into the AD.

The event log of the DC mentions clearly the user has attempted a failed logon which is either caused by unlocking the screen, or by logging in into a fresh session. The failed attempts originate from the Remote Desktop Server where at that moment the user was re-directed to by the brokers.

The users that are still on client with version 8.0.306.1427 are not encounting any of these issues.

Any advice on where to look, what to adjust, or whatsoever is highly appreciated.

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RE: Help needed on a vWorkspace issue


The first place I would look is to see if pop-ups are being blocked by the web browser, if you enter the wrong password or user name when logging into vWorkspace via Web Access, you should receive an error message stating that you did so. I have tested this in 8.6.309.4530 web access and the error message is presented properly.

If you have ruled out any issues with the web browser, or if you are using a different method to connect to vWorkspace and still encountering this issue, please contact Support at +1 (800) 306 9329 to open a service request so we can troubleshoot this issue further.