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Keyboard Latency with secure-it


From a testing setup i wanted to move to production - seemed the same but now i noticed a small delay with keyboard and mouse input. Only a few hundert miliseconds but noticeable eg. two chars appear at once after typing one after another. This Latency is not constant and already there when the login screen appears (im using RDP security Layer for Novell Client) which is annyoing when typing passwords.

Im not using any EOP or graphics acceleration.

Connection from Hyper-V there is no noticeable latency.

------------------------ update-------

There is no perceptible latency if  connect directly via mstsc or via vworkspace and disable secure-it. Only the Java Connector show a small noticable delay which perhaps may be normal.

With secure-it i see the delay and if i connect via Java and secure-it it is even more like i can type 4 letter before the first appears. (delay like 0.5 -1 seconds)

when typing many messages like this appear in the log "Move Extra buffer 33 bytes"

thanks for any advice


from the secure-it log:

[864]Security Context OK

[864]Accept Security Context Failed with error code 80090330

[864]Fail negotiation

[864]Fail to accept SSL

[864,0]proxy done from client 0 bytes, from server 0 bytes

[864]SSL Server Channel cleanup


[464]CProxyThread::validateTicket: ticket timeout=300, connect window=15

[464]CProxyThread::validateTicket: CTicketCache::handleConnectMsg returned 3

[464]CProxyThread::validateTicket: Ticket not found in cache, validating ticket with broker...

[464]CProxyThread::validateTicket: Successfully validated ticket

[464]CProxyThread::validateTicket: After validating, call to addTicketAfterValidateIf returned 4

[464]CProxyThread::validateTicket: Ticket added, connection was not owned or current thread added to owners after validating

[484]CProxyThread::ConnectToServer: Disabling nagle algorithm

[464,484]Thread Handle 00000360, Id 00001728

[464,484]Start: 1/16/2013 0:49:9.511

from to


[464,484]extra data 

[464,484]From server 11.

[464,484]From client 448.

[464]Move Extra buffer 33 bytes.

[464]Move Extra buffer 78 bytes.

[464]Move Extra buffer 86 bytes.

[464,484]From server 96680.

[464,484]From client 3349.

[464,484]From client 5179.

[464,484]From client 7009.

[464]Move Extra buffer 86 bytes.

[464,484]From client 8900.

[464,484]From server 147269.

[464]Move Extra buffer 27 bytes.

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RE: Keyboard Latency with secure-it


after disabling nagle by setting TCPAckFrequency and   msmq/parameters/TCPNoDelay on every involved nic without effect one question remains:

what perceived keyboard latency is normal and must be accepted with it-secure?

The whole environment is connected via at least 1Gbit LAN. Ping always gives latency <1ms.

In vWorkspace Console "Current User Sessions" i see Latency of about 1-3 ms in any case.

There are 3 cases:

1. Direct Connect without secure-it : no perceived latency with mstsc, pntsc. very slight if any with java connector.

2. via secure-it: with pntsc no perceptible latency or very light. with java connector slight: e.g. type 3 characters bevore the first appears (200-500ms). this is not constant.

3. on one client  with java connector i can type 10 or 20 keys wait 1 sec before the they appear. it feels like stuck connection. also not constant.

RDP Version  7.1 or 8.0 on the Workstations makes no difference.

Im using the latest connectors compatible with RDP 8.0

Are there any experiences about mouse/keyboard latency in a high bandwith low latency LAN with pntsc,  Java connector and secure-it? The use case is about Web Acces for legacy Windows Apps. But i could advice users to install vasclient "java has poor performance".

best regards


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