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Metaprofiles & IE9 issues


we have a couple of issues when using Metaprofiles (vWorkspace 7.5) with IE9 on W7 x64.

We've configured MP with all the settings preloaded with 7.5 (except Favorites and Desktop). We are also using redirect folders via GPO.

The issues are :

  • When we try to download any file on IE9 the dot in the extension is replaced by a underscore and the download fail with a message of "<file> no se pudo descargar" (sorry, it's a spanish installation). If we click the Retry button, the file download but without extension as the dot is replaced by the underscore.
  • Flash doesn't work (with and without Flash redirection). If I right click on the flash I get a message of "No se cargó la película" (sorry again, I don't know what's the message on a english install).

Well, if I restore the default config of IE9 (Internet Options->Advanced->Reset), both issues are solved if I don't close session (so, before MP does his job). After that, if I close session and open a new one, the issues reapperars.

I've been playing with RegShot and I've added some more keys to MP, but I'm unable to get it working.

Any ideas?

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