University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU)

    • Digital pathology transformation enriches patient care

    • At University Medical Center Utrecht, a healthcare provider with 11,000 employees, innovation is a primary focus. As the organization modernized its digital pathology operations, storage challenges were slowing progress. UMC Utrecht turned to Dell PowerScale storage to improve IT efficiency and patient outcomes.

    • With digital, remote access to full patient histories, multiple sets of eyes can analyze data and share viewpoints, which results in higher-quality consultations

      Nikolas Stathonikos, Principal Investigator, AI Development and Implementation, UMC Utrecht
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    • Digital pathology transformation enriches patient care

      Dell has helped UMC Utrecht prep for multidisciplinary case reviews in minutes when it used to take 3–4 hours. With an increased focus on research innovation, UMCU transforms the way it cares for patients.

    • Using PowerScale to scale up IT infrastructure

      With PowerScale, UMC Utrecht no longer needs to worry about storage. Thanks to their archive of patient data going back 13 years, doctors can focus on patient care and not worry about IT infrastructure, providing them peace of mind.

    • Supporting a leader in diagnostics, research and education

      By converting their lab to 100% digital, UMC Utrecht has transformed the way they study pathology. Doctors can collaborate remotely, which has led to enormous data growth. PowerScale has helped them produce a terabyte of scanned images per day.

    • Customer: University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU)
      Industry:  Healthcare
      Location: The Netherlands

    • This company participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.