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    • CustomerZERO

      IndustryInformation Technology


    • Vision

      ZERO has taken on a world-changing mission by revolutionizing agriculture with a new model for vertical farming. The company enables vertical farming innovators to monitor growth, drive sustainability and keep costs down by gaining real-time data insights at the edge.

    • Solution

      By partnering with Dell Technologies, ZERO can offer a scalable, standardized way to make vertical farming both environmentally and financially sustainable. In ZERO’s vertical farming architecture, edge sensors monitor growing operations.

    • Impact

      Dell PowerEdge servers allow growers to react quickly and adjust environmental conditions as required. By partnering with Dell Technologies, ZERO propels growth and builds credibility with customers.

    • Daniele Modesto, CEO, ZERO

      “Dell PowerEdge servers at the edge and in the data center allow us to accelerate transformation anywhere, so we can innovate, adapt and grow.”

      Headshot of Daniele Modesto, CEO, ZERO
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