Incident Recovery Retainer Service

When a destructive cyberattack or incident occurs, Dell helps you recover fast

We bring deep expertise from industry-certified cybersecurity professionals. Our teams work with you to expand your recovery capabilities and re-establish your operations so you can focus on resuming your business.
We begin with an evaluation of your organization's recovery readiness and coverage, including a report to guide you in strengthening your recovery posture.
Dell is the partner you can trust to help you recover fast and minimize disruption.


Proactively plan for a cyber event

  • Service includes 120 or 240 hours of annual recovery assistance
  • Rapid response from highly skilled, experienced cybersecurity professionals
  • Our team quickly assesses your situation and determines the best course of action to minimize business interruption
  • Threat is eradicated and vulnerability that was exploited is closed
  • Project manager coordinates all aspects of service delivery
  • Use any remaining hours (not needed for recovery) for expert assistance in incident recovery planning, cybersecurity improvements and related areas

Recovery Readiness Evaluation
  • Up-front one-week evaluation of your incident recovery capabilities and readiness
  • Dell prepares a summary report including recommendations for strengthening readiness and recovery posture
  • Evaluation effort is in addition to 120 or 240 recovery assistance hours
  • If a cyberattack does occur, the Dell team is already familiar with your environment due to performing the evaluation

Are you currently experiencing a suspected or confirmed cyber incident?

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Managed Detection and Response

Dell security experts monitor for threats 24/7 using your choice of select industry-leading XDR security analytics platforms. We help contain and resolve known threats, identify new attacks, and quickly engage to help you initiate recovery steps if a breach occurs.

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