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      Vertiv - Rack cable organizer - front and rear - black

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      Manufacturer part VRA1024 | Dell part AA651261 | Order Code aa651261 | Vertiv

      Quick and Easy Rack Configuration

      The Vertiv VR Rack Accessories offers easy and full configuration of your server racks. This comprehensive line up of accessories for cable management, airflow management, shelves, and support brackets allow users to modify their Vertiv VR racks to suit the needs of their network and support their mission critical needs. Tool-less options allow for quick installation and configuration. Along with the Vertiv VR Rack, the accessories are designed for rapid deployments in high density IT environments.

      • Veritv VR Rack cable organizers provide easy access to the wires installed in your rack.
      • Airflow management accessories ensure proper airflow in your rack to help extend lifetime of critical IT equipment ·         Sliding shelves are perfect for equipment like KVM switches or monitoring equipment with screens.
      • Supporting brackets provide extra stability for delicate rack equipment
      Quick and Easy Rack Configuration


      Organized cable arrangement increases the lifetime of cables and makes it easier to work on them for replacements or maintenance. Make sure the cables in your Vertiv VR Rack are properly organized with cable management accessories like cable rings, cable lobster claws, and Velcro straps.
      Proper airflow in your rack will help improve the efficiency of your network’s cooling system and decrease the wear-and-tear on your IT equipment. Accessories like blanking panels, air recirculation prevention kits, and pass through brush kits will help improve airflow for your Vertiv VR rack. 
      Secure the placement of critical IT equipment in your Vertiv VR Rack with shelves and support brackets. Sliding shelves for equipment that you need to easily pull out and access in the middle of the rack are also available.
      Provide stability to your Vertiv VR racks and increase protection for your critical IT equipment with Vertiv VR Rack anchoring accessories.


      Today’s enterprise facilities are changing, adjusting to the proliferation of cloud and edge computing, and often shrinking and moving to higher-density architectures. They also are more critical than ever, and the Vertiv VR Rack delivers the quality engineering and flexible configurations needed in changing environments.


      The edge is expanding at a faster rate than suppliers can keep pace with. With fully-stocked inventories around the world, Vertiv can meet your rapid deployment needs. And with 2.5 inches of additional useable depth in eight standard sizes, the Vertiv VR Rack delivers a solution for edge locations of all shapes and sizes.


      Busy locations like retail stores and medium-sized offices require continuous uptime but are not designed to support delicate IT equipment. With a reliable and durable design, the Vertiv VR Rack can be deployed in places outside the traditional data center whitespace and still protect your critical IT hardware.

      The Vertiv 1024 is an adjustable horizontal cable wire organizer side channel. It is designed for easy installation on the Vertiv VR Rack and its length is adjustable from 22 inches to 33 inches, depending on the need of your network. This cable wire organizer is built for high density usage and can be complemented with different kinds of Vertiv cable managers. Fully configure your Vertiv VR rack with the VRA1013 and other sorts of accessories for cable management, airflow management, and even additional shelves and support brackets.

      Tech Specs

      Product Type
      Rack cable organizer
      Front and rear
      Adjustable Width
      9.02 in - 37.99 in

      Horizontal orientation, for 800 mm width racks

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      Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly determine which is best for your needs.