Wireless/Telecom Information

Communication Devices - Radio and Modem

Dell’s communication devices are developed, designed and tested to comply with the various wireless (radio) and telecom agency requirements throughout the world. This compliance ensures that these devices do not cause any harm to Public Switching Telecommunication Networks (PSTN) and do not violate any power and frequency spectrum allocations on a country by country basis.

Modem, Wireless (Radio), Access Point (Wireless LAN) and Mobile Broadband Devices: To view details on device approvals, safety information and regulatory information, e.g. Taiwan NCC (台灣NCC審驗合格標籤資訊), Industry Canada (IC), USA FCC, click (這裡)      Modem, Wireless and Mobile Broadband Devices.
User manuals for these individual communications components can be downloaded from the Dell support web site.

Potential Usage Restrictions: To view guidelines on usage restrictions, including how to determine if the restrictions apply to the Dell product you have purchased, click Usage Restrictions.

European Union Radio Equipment Directive (RED): Dell products that contain RED technologies and have CE marking are in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of EU Directive 2014/53/EU. To view the Dell RED Compliance statement in the official languages of the European Union click RED Compliance Statement.

Most Dell mobile phones have been evaluated for compatibility with hearing aids.  For more information, click Hearing Aid Compatibility.