5 flexible ways we can resolve IT-budget concerns

Beating the competition is becoming of a game of technological checkers. One that’s won by innovation, agility and forward thinking. As technological development is kicking into high gear, investing in new and emerging technology is more crucial than ever. Ironically, IT-budgets have all but come to a standstill, which means we have to be creative. One service from Dell Technologies that can help organizations facilitate financing is Flexible Payment Solutions. We sat down with Jamal Benmoulahoume – who works for Dell Financial Services, the part of Dell Technologies that are specialized in IT financing and asked him to explain why this service is perfect for those in dire need of a proper financial plan. These are the 5 reasons he came up with. 

5. A bank, that knows IT

Dell Technologies created Dell Financial Services, its’ financing arm, some twenty years ago, when the need for smart spending in IT arose. “We’re essentially Dell Technologies bank,” say Benmoulahoume. And like a bank, we provide solutions to customers of all sizes and all over the world. A lot of global customers want to implement the same solutions for all of their countries on one contract. We can do that.”

So why not go to a regular bank? “We are experts in IT and financing. So, we can find the right financing solution for the required technology. And it’s important that they match, because you don’t want to be locked in. If your financial model doesn’t match your demand for technology, you’ve got a problem.”

4. It offers flexible solutions for flexible problems

Digitization is a game-changer. That much we know. So, in order to keep your business afloat, you have to be flexible. “Doing things the way you did them ten years ago just isn’t going to cut it anymore,” Benmoulahoume explains. “Fast time-to-market is more important than ever. And your IT-expenditure needs to reflect that.”

It’s true. There used to be extensive testing before launching a product or service in IT. Nowadays, that time has substantially decreased. Your product has to be ready much quicker. Because if you’re not ready, your competitor will be. Benmoulahoume: “It means you have to have sufficient capacity at all times. Fortunately, our financing models can help you with that. We’ll make sure you have enough capacity in store. That way, you’ll be able to use it when you need it, instead of going through a long procurement-cycle that will slow you down.”

Take webshops, for example. During Christmastime, we all tend to spend more money on gifts. And with more people buying, capacity gets strained. According to Benmoulahoume, our pay-per-use model lets you roll with the punches. “We increase capacity during the holidays and when high season is over, we turn it back down. The hardware is there, but you’re only paying for a committed base-line and the extra buffer you’re using.”

3. We understand budgetary pitfalls – and your company

In this digitized world, innovation is key. Those who invest in it, are far more likely to succeed. And those who don’t will eventually die out. Yet, the bulk of IT-spending seems largely reserved for legacy IT – infrastructures that were implemented years ago.

But their existence is not justified because of a lack of imagination or even willingness. It’s habitual more than anything. Benmoulahoume: “Look, most companies are aware that they have to transform and innovate, but the fact is, they are used to certain hardware, certain infrastructures and ways of working. Changing that is difficult. Especially if people stand to lose their jobs.”

“IT transformation can mean less people running more equipment. And we understand that’s difficult. It often means innovation-budget is brought down to a minimum. That in turn makes it difficult for companies undergoing IT transformation to determine how and where to spend.”

So, what can Dell Technologies do to help? “We can provide organizations with solutions that can help them actually transform,” explains Benmoulahoume. “If their management is requiring them to reduce their IT budget, we can find ways to work around that, and come up with payment plans that fit.”

2. Anyone can use it

Smaller companies can have a much harder time keeping up with technological developments than big corporations, but we can help them too. “The first step is always talking to the customer,” he says. “By mapping the wants and needs of an organization, we determine what solutions fit best. Then, we can construct a payment plan accordingly.”

One could almost say it’s embedded in our DNA. “We can come up with payment plans for just one laptop. Sure, it’ll be more of a programmatic approach, but even for very small companies, we’ll be able to propose diverse types of solutions.”

1. It’s sustainable

Reasons why customers seek financial support can vary. Some have cash flow challenges, others finance for operational reasons. But as awareness on climate change is growing and growing, sustainability is quickly becoming an important incentive for businesses to use Dell Technologies Payment Solutions.

“We’re noticing a growing trend in stopping e-waste. Nowadays it’s one of the biggest reasons why organizations use our services,” explains Benmoulahoume. “Organizations used to dispose hardware after a couple of years, when it became obsolete. Now, all they need to do is return it to us. We will then reset and refurbish it, so it’ll get a second life at another company.”

According to Benmoulahoume, it’s all about what a company requires. “Not every business needs state of the art technology. Some are able to work with refurbished, cheaper hardware. We can provide that to them for a fraction of the original cost.”

Dell Financial Services

Interested in using our financial solutions? You can find more information on Dell Technologies flexible payment solutions here. We can help you come up with payment plans that fit your companies’ wants and needs.

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