How to supercharge your digital transformation

We are at an unprecedented time in history. Technological innovation is ramping up, as our world’s taken its final leap into digitization. For businesses and organizations, navigating within this sphere of transformation seems challenging. It’s a journey that requires guidance. To help you get started, we’ll give you a glimpse into the future and tell you about the powerful tools at your disposal. Here’s how to supercharge your digital transformation and propel your company into the future.

Digital transformation

We are at the dawn of the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’. Now more than ever, it’s imperative for businesses to transform. Our digital endeavors are becoming increasingly inseparable from business performance. And while that warrants digital rethinking, the reality seems to be a bit different. At least half of all IT decision makers think their company is not doing enough to propel them into the next digital decade. It’s a serious problem – especially because they risk being beaten by their competition.

So why aren’t businesses doing enough? Mostly, it’s the sheer scope of transformation. Digitizing your organization, company or even operation often feels like a daunting task and it can be dazzling to think about the financial impact, not to mention the number of man-hours it requires.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Technology as the great enabler

Working in IT, you have undoubtedly heard about workforce transformation. It’s essentially transforming your business into a digital organization. But while the benefits are endless, it’s been met with resistance. Ever since AI and machine learning have taken center stage, the lingering question at the top of everyone’s mind is ‘will this technology be doing my work in a few years’ time.’ Technological progression, it seems, is inherently linked to fear. We see this tendency in media, storytelling and even Hollywood blockbusters.

It’s ironic because if history has taught us anything, technology is the great enabler. Time and time again, it has provided us with a better workforce and a better life. Why? Because behind it is the greatest operating system of all time: people.

Back in the 70s, for example, it took three people to pilot a 747. Nowadays, computers have significantly reduced the amount of manual labor between take-off and landing. A plane is equipped with a variety of sensors and computers that automate the bulk of its flight trajectory. The number of pilots, however, has remained the same. More sensors mean more controls; controls that require humans to operate them. Automation hasn’t rendered their jobs obsolete; it has merely changed it – and in a safer way.

But we can go further. Instead of kicking back, and letting machines do our jobs for us, we can use it to supercharge our productivity. With AI-based solutions, for example, Dell Technologies can help you improve how people learn and perform. These solutions can analyze workload balancing and workforce satisfaction and streamline them to great lengths. That way, we’re able to unburden your IT staff, minimize mundane and pesky tasks – allowing you to focus on what really matters: innovation.

Cost-effective IT transformation

Digitizing your workforce means having the right equipment at your disposal. For certain organizations, reshaping their infrastructure is pivotal for their survival. If your software and hardware are not up to par, more agile companies will step up to the plate and deliver better products or services. Especially now that time-to-market has significantly decreased.

We can help you map in-house, hardware data competences and software, and reshape those to fit the modern age. Whether you prefer working from the cloud or from remote locations: we’re here to help you deploy, manage and support a top-of-the-line infrastructure that will future-proof your business.

Take the mining industry. Data processing for these types of operations used to be done at large data centers. Now, it can be done at the edge, provided companies have an infrastructure in place. Through the power of edge technology, we have helped large-scale mining operations cut their downtime and reduce costs through so-called ‘smart mining’. This is based on data gathering from earth tremors, heat surges and other anomalies. That data is then processed on location by AI-based solutions, that can give miners preemptive advice on when maintenance is needed. No visual inspection is required, so it’s a lot safer too.

Of course, transforming your IT can be a costly endeavor, we understand that all too well. And yet, making a proper investment on a limited budget is far from impossible. At Dell Technologies, we have a number of flexible consumption and payment solutions. You can also read our blog on flexible IT budgets.

Security whenever; wherever

Finally, there’s security – which is imperative when discussing your digital transformation. We’re all moving into a digital world, and so the number of cyber-attacks have steadily increased. As businesses rely on digitized processes and data, the repercussions of such an attack can be devastating. Having your security in order is therefore paramount. Remember: threats are everywhere, and so security should be too. However, with work happening in different locations at different times it can be hard to find the right heterogeneous security solution fit for your infrastructure. Especially now that a lot of our workloads move into multi-cloud environments.

At Dell Technologies, we made it our mission to provide these types of security solutions. One recent example of that is VMware Carbon Black Cloud, a software as a service (SaaS) solution released just last year – an antivirus on steroids. Whereas traditional antivirus software required signatures, VMware Carbon Black Cloud uses AI and ML to detect threats and block them before they infiltrate your system. Partner that with state-of-the-art endpoint detection and response, and you’ve got a solution that makes it very difficult for malware to do you harm.

Not convinced? Read our blog on endpoint IT security.

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