Powering Safety and Efficiency: TenForce’s collaboration with Dell Technologies and AppSys

Julia Dubois, TenForce’s Chief Operating Officer, brings with her a wealth of experience and a global perspective. With a background in computer science and a career spanning various IT domains, Julia’s journey from software engineering to team leadership puts her in a unique position to oversee TenForce’s global operations. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Belgium, TenForce has emerged as a leading software company specializing in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality solutions.

At the core of TenForce’s mission is its innovative software platform, designed to enable organizations to ensure workplace safety and operational efficiency. With its inherent flexibility, the TenForce platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to diverse industries, from high-risk manufacturing to utilities and government sectors. Julia stands firmly behind the company’s distinctive culture, characterized by kindness, pragmatism, and a deep commitment to diversity, dedicated to creating safer workplaces for workers today and in the future.

Integral to TenForce’s success is its strategic partnership with AppSys, a trusted IT service provider renowned for its expertise in datacenter solutions. With a team of over 70 professionals located throughout Belgium and the Netherlands, AppSys has been instrumental in augmenting TenForce’s infrastructure to meet the demands of its expanding clientele. Together, TenForce and AppSys leverage the robust portfolio of datacenter products offered by Dell Technologies, a partnership forged on a shared commitment to delivering exceptional IT solutions.

Jelle Hillen, Team Lead of Infrastructure Solutions at AppSys, underlines the collaborative spirit that defines its relationship with Dell Technologies. Together, they provide TenForce with a comprehensive suite of services, from hardware procurement to ongoing support, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for TenForce’s software platform. As TenForce continues to grow, its partnership with AppSys and Dell Technologies remains integral to its ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

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