Unboxing | Optiplex 7090 Ultra Form Factor

Desktop PCs are getting smaller and smaller, says Nicolas Lempereur, Field Marketing Manager at Dell Technologies. Dell Technologies is taking another downsizing step: a desktop that is actually fitting inside a monitor stand.

“We use our notebook technology and components in order to create one of the smallest PC chassis we’ve ever build. As a form factor, that results in an extremely pocketsize and innovative computer that still delivers the performance users expect. “A desktop can’t operate without a monitor screen, so we’ve also provided a solution which can amplify the customer’s choice.” Thanks to the two height adjustable stand offers, we can even support up to 40 inch monitors screens. ”

In order to bring this new concept to perfection, we have an entire eco system that can perfectly match the customer’s needs in terms of monitor screens and (wireless) ergonomic keyboards and mice. Thanks to a variety of new technologies and features some of our monitors are equipped with USB-C connectivity which provides Power Delivery to your hardware system. One cable solutions and wireless IO devices avoid extra cable management and provide a nice and tidy desk surface to work on. A desktop system that doesn’t take any space and keeps you productive throughout your working day.

About the Author: Dell Technologies