• Professional Learning Services for K-12 Educators

    • Transform teaching, learning and leading practices to empower learning

      Dell Technologies Professional Learning consultants work with districts to develop outcome-based learning programs to facilitate transformative practices. Incorporating one-on-one instruction, coaching and modeling, and sharing sessions, Dell Technologies Professional Learning is customized to meet district goals.

    • Unleash student potential to improve outcomes

      • Customized Professional Learning to meet district goals
      • Educator certification to showcase achievement
      • Virtual course options increase delivery flexibility
    • K-12 Professional Learning Services | Dell Technologies US

      Dell Technologies Professional Learning helps educators transform teaching and learning practices to maximize the impact of technology in learning.

    • Professional learning services

      Dell Technologies Professional Learning Services help K12 school districts develop professional learning programs to positively impact teaching practices and student learning.

    • Dell Technologies Teaching and Learning Academy

      The Dell Teaching and Learning Academy provides Professional Learning certification to help your teachers integrate technology and expand learning opportunities.

    • Dell Technologies Professional Learning Virtual Courses

      Dell Technologies Professional Learning virtual courses provide flexible delivery options for learning a new application, technology or teaching method in the classroom.

    • Transform teaching practice to empower learners

      Technology plays a vital role in transforming the learning environment, but will have minimal impact without enhanced teaching and learning practices focused on outcomes and aligned to validated measures. Dell Technologies takes this approach when helping K-12 districts develop professional learning programs designed to meet district and teacher goals.