Unlocking remarkable retail opportunities with 5G

    5G networks enable retailers to transform the customer experience with a new generation of intelligent solutions.

      • Integrated Omnichannel Experiences: The New Retail Frontier

        The balance of power has shifted from retailers to customers. Today’s shoppers take quality and value for granted: what matters is the consistency and ease of experience retailers offer across all their channels. Delivering this seamlessly across physical and digital stores requires the ability to make intelligent decisions on the entire value chain in real time, based on real world data.

      • Transform your store into an experience center with a connected retail experience that offers personalized shopping your customers, plus improved order fulfillment and greater opportunities for your business.

    • Retail transformation brings remarkable opportunities for telecom providers

      From 24/7 autonomous check-outs and customer behavior analysis to automated fulfilment and logistics, retailers are using 5G’s ultra-fast data transfer speeds to meet new customer expectations. This new demand for 5G in retail is a huge opportunity for CSP.

    • The opportunity at the retail edge

      From new levels of supply chain transparency to delivering personalized customer messages at the point of purchase, all these capabilities depend on the ubiquitous real time data communications offered by 5G networks, giving CSPs the retail edge.

    • Connecting digital and physical worlds

      Together with CSPs, Dell can help retailers transform the customer experience with a new generation of intelligent solutions

      •  65% of US retailers depend on Dell desktops and
        laptops *
      • 78% of US retailers use Dell servers *
      • 80% trust Dell storage infrastructure *
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