• Intelligent Data Management

    • The power of intelligent data management with Dell Technologies

    • The unstoppable growth of business data today means IT organizations need much more than routine backup, archiving and disaster recovery tools – they need intelligent data management systems that can drastically reduce the cost, complexity and administrative burden of protecting business-critical information.

      Dell Technologies provides intelligent data management hardware, software and solutions that can help organizations of all sizes to simplify data management, reduce storage costs and be prepared to protect data now and in the future as the data landscape evolves. 

    • Explore PowerProtect Appliances

      PowerProtect appliances provide midsize and enterprise organizations with data backup, recovery and replication.

    • Conquering the difficulty of intelligent data management

    • When searching for intelligent data management technology, organizations need solutions that can overcome the many challenges of backup, data recovery, archiving, migration and compliance.

      From the expense of data storage to the price of bandwidth, staff resources and data management tools, the cost of managing data can easily spiral out of control. Intelligent data management solutions must enable IT teams to cut costs even as data volumes and complexity continue to grow.

      Inadequate tools
      Many IT organizations have inherited a variety of limited point solutions that provide only a fraction of the functionality required for intelligent data management. Trying to integrate these fragmented tools is almost impossible, and the risk of data loss is consequently higher.

      Data is everywhere
      Data protection is no longer simply about managing data on-premises – data may now be distributed globally in public, private and hybrid clouds. Intelligent data management solutions must not only make it easy to protect data no matter where it resides, but also give IT administrators and business decision-makers a unified view of data across environments.

      From PCI DSS to HIPAA and GDPR, governmental regulations concerning the use and storage of business data continue to add cost and complexity to data protection. Intelligent data management technology must make it easier to both comply with regulation and respond to legal and compliance inquiries.

      Competitive businesses simply can’t afford to have data and applications offline for backup, disaster recovery or archiving purposes. Intelligent data systems must minimize the impact on IT environments while providing even greater protection of business-critical information.

    • Intelligent data management with Dell Technologies

    • While the challenges to data protection are significant and growing more difficult, Dell Technologies provides intelligent data management technology that makes it easy and cost-effective to protect, manage, recover and unlock the value of business data.

      Through a combination of data protection appliances, software and targeted solutions, Dell Technologies helps to protect data from edge to core to cloud with industry-leading solutions that reduce risk, automate tasks and optimize workloads at scale.

      Dell Technologies data protection appliances include:

      • PowerProtect appliances, delivering performance for demanding workloads. PowerProtect appliances enable enterprise or SMB backup, recovery and replication with simplicity, agility, flexibility and IT governance controls. 
        • PowerProtect DD series appliances, highly scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled appliances that reduce disk storage while completing more backups in less
        • PowerProtect DP series appliances, the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliances (IDPA). DP series appliances are converged appliance solutions that provide complete backup, replication, recovery, deduplication and instant access and restore with simplified management capabilities.

      Dell Technologies also provides data protection and backup software that includes: 

      • PowerProtect Data Manager, providing software defined data protection, automated discovery, deduplication, operational agility, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments. PowerProtect Data Manager enables you to orchestrate protection directly through an intuitive interface or empower data owners to perform self-service backup and restore operations from their native applications. You can ensure compliance and meet even the strictest of service level objectives, leveraging your existing PowerProtect appliances.
      • Dell Data Protection Suite, a comprehensive software solution for organizations of all types and sizes. Data Protection Suite provides easy to use tools for backup, snapshot, replication, disaster recovery, long-term retention and cyber recovery, along with complete visibility into data protection environments across multiple systems and sites.

    • The benefits of Dell intelligent data management technology

    • Intelligent data management solutions from Dell Technologies provide businesses of every size with significant benefits.

      • Lower costs. Dell helps to minimize the cost of data management by significantly reducing the footprint required for storage, thanks to advanced deduplication. Faster backups help to minimize the cost of bandwidth and the impact on IT systems. Automation and easy-to-use tools reduce the cost of staff time required to manage data.
      • Simpler management. A unified platform with easy-to-use tools and centralized monitoring, analysis and reporting help to reduce the amount of time IT teams must spend on data management.
      • Protection for cloud and virtualized environments. Dell intelligent data management solutions provide tools for in-cloud data backup, long-term cloud retention and cloud disaster recovery. Organizations can also protect virtualized environments through automation, superior data, lower bandwidth usage and integration with VMware.
      • SaaS based management, enabling you to easily analyze and troubleshoot distributed environments from anywhere. You can get started in minutes with nothing to install.

    • Intelligent data management lowers your cost-to-protect

    • Dell intelligent data management solutions enable you to reduce capital and operational costs while solving complex data protection challenges. To calculate your potential savings with Dell , use our Dell Technologies cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator to determine the cost of protecting your data on a monthly basis. Using the number of gigabytes of data you have under storage along with the cost of your data protection solution and the months supported by your purchase, you can quickly estimate your cost savings with Dell data protection technology.

    • FAQs: Intelligent data management

    • What is intelligent data management?
      Intelligent data management combines best-of-breed technology with best practices for protecting data, managing backup and recovery, archiving inactive data and planning for disaster recovery. Intelligent data management solutions should help to simplify the complexity of managing growing volumes of data while also reducing the cost of storage, bandwidth and IT resources required for data protection.

      Can I manage cloud backups with Dell Technologies intelligent data management solutions?
      Yes. Dell Technologies provides cloud data protection and backup systems for long-term retention to cloud, in-cloud backups and cloud disaster recovery. Dell offers hardware, software solutions and services for protecting data in the cloud.

      Can I manage virtualized environments with Dell intelligent data management technology?
      Yes. Dell provides data protection technology that is architected for the modern and software-defined data center, making it easy to protect and scale VMware environments and their movement to the cloud.

    • Back up and Recover Data with PowerProtect DD Series Appliances

      Leverage scalable, high-speed and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

    • PowerProtect DP Series Appliances

      PowerProtect DP series appliances, the next generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), offer complete data backup, replication and recovery, all in one.

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      Protect the business value of your data with industry-leading data protection solutions from Dell Technologies.