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    PowerScale for Oil and Gas

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    • Driving digital transformation for geoscience through market-leading unstructured data storage

      We continue to see dramatic increases in the volume of seismic data being used during exploration and production. See how our storage solutions enable oil and gas companies to turn their upstream data into value that enables more confident decision-making. Oil and gas companies can gain access to the right data at the right time to accelerate the discovery and exploitation of new hydrocarbon reservoirs and maximize production. 

    • Optimize production, drive reservoir modeling and seismic processing workloads 

      • Deliver petabyte-scale capacity for seismic data storage archives and simulations
      • Accelerate analytics for petrotechnical workloads
      • Reduce risk and increase governance
    • Storage solutions for the oil & gas industry

      Our data storage solutions for oil and gas help geophysicists and geoscientists keep seismic data available, perform analysis on time, simplify IT management and lower costs.

    • Energy Sector Data Storage Solutions by Dell Technologies

      Energize your data with PowerScale

      Learn why oil and gas companies choose PowerScale to solve business challenges and meet the increasing data storage demands. 

    • Scale-out geoscience storage solution for oil & gas  data management

      Scale-out geoscience solution for oil and gas

      PowerScale offers a scalable, cost-effective and easy to manage storage solution that enables oil and gas organizations to keep up with increasing amount of seismic data being used during exploration and production and keep more relevant data online and accessible for improved analysis.

    • Cloud computing for Oil and Gas

      Achieving agile and efficient upstream operations with OvationData

      OvationData Nexus Cloud combined with PowerScale and ECS provides a comprehensive petrotechnical data management environment that helps oil and gas companies maximize production and recovery, reduce costs and make better decisions faster.

    • A complete infrastructure for oil and gas

    • PowerScale


      Leading scale-out NAS designed for demanding upstream workloads

      PowerScale is a powerful, simple to manage storage solution that delivers PB scale capacity, boosts geoscientist productivity and drives sustainable efficiency in upstream operations. Oil and gas companies can consolidate libraries of exploration and production data into one data lake, gain new insight and unlock new opportunities for their businesses with PowerScale.

    • Dell EMC ECS


      Do more with oil and gas data with leading object storage platform

      ECS offers a reliable and scalable storage solution that simplifies the availability of geological and geophysical data and enables oil and gas companies to have always-on, fully distributed data access across the globe. With ECS, organizations can grow into exabyte scale across several oil fields and quickly archive and retrieve data to boost efficiency, lower TCO and stay ahead of the competition. 

    • The collective force of innovative capabilities has established Dell Technologies as a transformational leader in oil and gas

      We deliver proven solutions that simplify oil and gas IT so you can concentrate on improving outcomes. We develop solutions to empower the industry workforce and contribute technology to meaningfully drive high levels of operational efficiency.

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    • Accelerating processing and analysis of exploration and production data


      Accelerating processing and analysis of exploration and production data

      See how CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering meets data-intensive demands by consolidating data to accelerate its complex, mission-critical workflows.