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In Services Parts Return

Certain issues will result in a part replacement and Dell have a policy for the return of defective parts for disposal/recycling. Please read on for details.

Environmental responsibility

  • By returning your defective part you are helping Dell to ensure all defective parts are reused and recycled appropriately.
    • Take responsibility for the recycling of its own products.
    • Positively contribute towards the circular economy through the repair, reuse and recycling of Dell parts.
  • For more information about how Dell is working to reduce its impact on the environment visit

When do I return a Service Part?

  • Unless notified otherwise on the part box, you are responsible for returning the defective part to Dell within 10 days of receipt of the replacement part.

How do I return a Service Part?

  • Pack the defective part using the same packing material supplied for the replacement part.
  • Seal the packaging material with the same defective part to be returned.
  • Please remove all the removable items (e.g. Cables, Cartridges, etc.) prior to handover/ returning the Defective Part to DLP besides removable media such as diskettes, CD/PC cards.
  • Contact Dell Logistics Provider as per the collection note and arrange for the collection of the consignment
  • Upon arrival of the Dell Logistics Provider at your office/home for collection, please write your name, sign and add your company stamp on the Collection Note.
  • To prevent equipment of data loss, please ensure that data has been backed up from the hard disk drive and all removable media such as diskettes, CDs or PC cards are removed before the defective part is shipped back to Dell. If you require technical assistance for above, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team

Service part not collected - next steps

  • As the return instruction is bundled with the forward logistic, customers can always use this instruction to contact DHL for collection. If collection has been scheduled but customers are not available, the collection will be rescheduled and aligned with customer

Failure to return the defective part

  • Failure to return the defective part within 10 days may result in implications as described in your warranty service contract. List of contracts available on An invoice will be issued accordingly for the value of the part, with payment required within 30 days from the Invoice Date.

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