Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager, v3.0

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Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager is a plugin to the Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise console and uses fine-grained instrumentation to provide increased visibility over power consumption, system anomalies, and resource utilization for Dell EMC servers. In addition, the Power Manager plugin supports virtual machine monitoring, and alerts and reports on thermal events in servers, and groups of servers. This enables increased control, faster response times, greater accuracy, and broader decision-making intelligence than would otherwise be possible. When used with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, chassis, or Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with the required iDRAC Enterprise, Chassis Management Control (CMC) Enterprise license, OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager leverages information from the OpenManage Enterprise console for platform-level power management. OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager then communicates with Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC), CMC or PDU firmware on each managed server, chassis, or PDU to provide power-management data, as well as execution of control policy - making it easy for IT administrators to identify areas to gain efficiencies and cut wasteful costs.

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Fixes & Enhancements

1. Create, edit, and delete virtual machine (VM) groups.
2. View energy consumption cost for VMs, VM groups, devices, and groups.
3. View carbon emission for devices and groups.
4. Automatically create physical hierarchy for unplaced devices that is based on location data in the device console.
5. Added support for new devices.
6. Analyze and compare the server utilization metrics - CPU, I/O, memory bandwidth, and system usage.
7. Identify and view idle servers.
8. Generate alerts for devices and groups when power consumption approaches the power cap.
9. Stagger power on of devices when EPR is disabled.
10. Update the device location in the device console as per the data in Power Manager.
11. Support for new custom and integrated reports.
12. View information about power and vCPU usage of VMs associated with a device.
13. Enable force shutdown of devices while enabling EPR.
14. View new metrics of PowerEdge servers.
15. Added support for LCS Event-triggered EPR and alerts.
16. View minimum and maximum power consumption graphs of virtual machines and virtual machine groups.
18. Select a section of the graph to zoom.
19. For a simultaneous view of all the metrics at a specific time, hover over one of the graphs.
20. Add groups to the OpenManage Enterprise dashboard.
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3.0, A00

Release date

13 May 2022

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Systems Management


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Additional details

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1. Launch Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise.
2. In Application Settings, click Console and Plugins tab.
3. In Power Manager section, click Install.
4. Review and ensure that you meet the list of prerequisites that are mentioned under the Prerequisite section.
5. In Install Details, select the required version of Power Manager from the Version(s) drop-down menu, and then click Download Plugin.
6. Once the download completes, click Install Plugin.
7. Review the End User License Agreement and then click Accept option.
8. In the confirmation window, the number of logged in users, in-progress jobs, and scheduled jobs are displayed. To confirm the installation, select I agree that I have captured the snapshot of the OM Enterprise appliance prior to the upgrade option, and then click Confirm Install.

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