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Using BIOSConnect to Recover SupportAssist OS Recovery Partition

Summary: BIOSConnect helps you recover your computer's recovery partition in case of hard drive failure or corruption of the original partition.

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What is Dell BIOS Connect?

BIOSConnect provides a foundation platform allowing BIOS to connect to a Dell HTTPs backend and load an image via https method. This foundation expands the Serviceability feature set to enhance the on-box reliability experience by adding cloud-based Service OS (SOS) support.

BIOSConnect feature offers network-based SOS boot recovery capability by performing HTTP(s) download from the cloud to a local RAMDisk and transfers control to the downloaded Service OS image to perform the necessary corrective action. This enables the user to recover when the local HDD image is corrupted, replaced, or absent.

BIOSConnect Setup Options

The SupportAssist setup menu offers the user to option of controlling the boot flow for the SupportAssist OS Recovery tool. With BIOSConnect, a new setup option is offered in the menu pictured below. Different systems may have different setup look-and-feel, but the setting will be similar unless indicated.

SupportAssist SOS Setup
Figure 1 (English Only)

The user may choose to enable both Support OS Recovery (local SOS) and BIOSConnect (cloud SOS). In either manner of initiating recovery (Launchpad/F12 Menu or Diagnostics), if both are enabled and available, the local SOS option will be attempt first. However, if the local SOS fails, BIOSConnect can be used to remediate the main OS without the need to repair the local SOS.

Running BIOS Connect

  1. When a computer fails to boot into the Operating System (OS) and the local recovery Operating System, BIOSConnect helps in the Recovery process by connecting tothe Dell server over the Internet and downloading the SupportAssist OS Recovery image.
  2. A BIOSConnect enabled computer launches BIOSConnect automatically after identifying the pre-defined times of boot failure.
  3. You can also launch BIOSConnect by pressing F12 and selecting the SupportAssist OS Recovery option in the BIOS launchpad.
  4. When your computer is unable to boot to the Operating System even after repeated attempts, the pre-boot system performance check is initiated.
  5. If no hardware issue is detected by the performance check and your computer is unable to start SAOS Recovery from the hard drive, you are prompted to restart your system and download the SupportAssist OS Recovery image from
  6. The system restarts and BIOSConnect is launched.

SupportAssist OS Recovery with BIOSConnect

Important: Before starting make sure that you have access to the internet through wireless or a wired connection.

  1. Turn the system on.
  2. Start tapping the F12 key.
  3. Click or select SupportAssist OS Recovery
    Note: BIOSConnect should be enabled in BIOS for these functionalities to work.
  • Access the BIOS
    • Repeat steps 1 and 2 above and select System Setup or BIOS Setup
  • Browse to SupportAssist
  • Turn on BIOSConnect
    Note: BIOS screenshots and feature names are for reference only. Customer's BIOS may vary depending on model and BIOS version.
  • Apply the changes and Exit the BIOS
  SupportAssist SOS Setup
Figure 2 (English Only)
  1. BIOSConnect will scan for an internet connection.
    SupportAssit BIOSconnect
    Figure 3 (English Only)
  • Click on the wireless network you want to use. If the network has the security you will be prompted for the password.

    Wired connections will just display the network's IP information.
    SupportAssit BIOSconnect
    Figure 4 (English Only)
  • Once connected click Start Recovery.
    SupportAssit BIOSconnect
    Figure 5 (English Only)
  • A progress bar will show you the time remaining.
    SupportAssit BIOSconnect
    Figure 6 (English Only)
  • Once the download is completed the computer will reboot into the Dell SupportAssist OS Recovery environment.

    See 000177401 - How to recover your operating system using SupportAssist OS Recovery 5.0 for details on how to complete the process.
    SupportAssit BIOSconnect
    Figure 7 (English Only)

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