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Bluetooth May Not Turn Back on When Using Wireless Switch on a Dell Notebook

Summary: Controlling Bluetooth using the wireless switch on some Dell laptops

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Article Summary: Bluetooth may not turn back on when using wireless switch.

SLN284158_en_US__1icon Note: The wireless switch is a physical switch that can be used to enable or disable the wireless functions used by the system. The switch can be configured in the BIOS on many models and how it is used. (WiFi, WWAN and Bluetooth)

Table of Contents :

  1. Bluetooth may not turn back on when using wireless switch
  2. Solution

1. Bluetooth may not turn back on when using wireless switch

Bluetooth may not turn back on when using the wireless switch.

If the Wireless switch is used to turn off Wireless/Bluetooth and the system is rebooted, and then the switch is used to turn back on wireless and Bluetooth, then Bluetooth may still be inactivated.

SLN284158_en_US__1icon Note: By default from the factory, the wireless switch is only set to turn off wireless networking, but not Bluetooth.

However the defaults for the BIOS is that the switch will turn off both wireless networking and Bluetooth.

If the defaults for the BIOS are loaded then this situation may occur. 

2. Solution

A workaround for the above issue is to change the wireless switch settings in the BIOS.

  1. Turn on system

  2. Tap the < F2 > key at the Dell logo - to enter the system BIOS.

  3. Select Wireless from the left menu

  4. Then Wireless Switch

  5. Set the Wireless Switch settings to not turn off Bluetooth

  6. Press the ' Apply ' button

  7. Exit from BIOS

  8. Perform a full shutdown from Windows for changes to take effect.

    SLN284158_en_US__1icon Note: The screen below is an example of the location of the BIOS settings for the Wireless Switch. Depending on your system BIOS the layout may vary. Click the (+) plus signs on the menu to expand the options available.


SLN284158_en_US__1icon Note: If issues persist see article Guide For Pairing Bluetooth Devices for further assistance in troubleshooting Bluetooth issues.

SLN284158_en_US__6Bluetooth  For more information and support for Bluetooth, please visit our dedicated support page.





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