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Dell Gaming and Alienware Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

Summary: This article provides general information about Dell Gaming and Alienware monitors.

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Dell Gaming and Alienware Monitor FAQ

Dell Gaming Monitors: Alienware Monitors:
  • G2422HS
  • G2524H
  • G2722HS
  • G2723H
  • G2723HN
  • G2724D
  • G3223D
  • G3223Q
  • S2417DG
  • S2419HGF
  • S2421HGF
  • S2422HG
  • S2522HG
  • S2716DG
  • S2719DGF
  • S2721DGF, S2721DGFA  
  • S2721HGF, S2721HGFA
  • S2722DGM
  • S3220DGF
  • S3222DGM
  • S3222HG
  • S3422DWG
  • AW2518H
  • AW2518HF
  • AW2521H
  • AW2521HF, AW2521HFA, AW2521HFL, AW2521HFLA  
  • AW2523HF
  • AW2524H, AW2524HF
  • AW2720HF, AW2720HFA
  • AW2721D
  • AW2723DF,
  • AW2724DM, AW2724HF
  • AW2725DF
  • AW3225QF
  • AW3418DW
  • AW3418HW
  • AW3420DW
  • AW3423DW
  • AW3423DWF
  • AW3821DW
  • AW5520QF

Model Specific

What is the bandwidth of the HDMI 2.1 port on the G3223Q?
The bandwidth is 24 Gbps. For more information, see Dell Knowledge Base article Dell G3223Q Gaming Monitor HDMI 2.1 Bandwidth Information.

Why is the charging slow when I connect my phone to the USB port in the S2721DGF?
S2721DGF has four USB downstream ports. USB ports with the battery icon do support a fast current charging capability of up to 2 A. Use these ports for charging the phone. Go to pages 11 and 20 of the User Guide for more information.

I have a AW2524H gaming monitor. How do I disable G-Sync in the monitor OSD?
G-Sync is always On in the monitor. Use the NVIDIA Control Panel to disable G-Sync from the host.


Which Dell Gaming and Alienware monitor firmware can be upgraded by the User?
Dell Gaming Monitors: S2419HGF, S2719DGF, S3220DGF, S2721DGF/DGFA, S2522HG, S3422DWG, G2723H, G3223D, G3223Q, G2524H
Alienware Monitors: AW2720HF/HFA, AW5520QF, AW2521HF/HFA, AW2521HFL/HFLA, AW2523HF, AW2723DF, AW3423DW, AW3423DWF, AW2524H, AW2524HF, AW2724HF, AW2724DM, AW2725DF, AW3225QF

Does the headphone port support the microphone feature?
No. The headphone port only supports audio out. To use the microphone feature, connect your headset to the port on your computer.

My gaming monitor is connected to a console using HDMI. When I connect my computer to the DP port of the monitor, the content on the screen switches to the computer. How do I prevent that?
This is happening because Auto Select is set to On. To disable Auto Select, open the On Screen Display (OSD) menu and go to Input Source -> Auto Select. Select Off.

How to I remove the current frame per second from appearing on the screen?
Open the OSD menu. Go to Game -> Game Enhance Mode -> Frame Rate. Select Off.

I cannot adjust the brightness since the Brightness slide bar in the OSD is grayed out. In Dell Display Manager, the Brightness slide bar can be adjusted but there is no change in brightness. Why is that the case?
This is happening because the MPRT feature is turned on. When MPRT is turned on, brightness cannot be adjusted. This is an expected behavior.

Can I change the refresh rate in the monitor OSD?
Refresh rate can be changed on the computer. Go to Windows Display Settings.

Why is there no pivot feature in gaming monitors above 32 inches?
A monitor of size 32 inches and above is too big to be able to pivot the monitor head by 90 degrees. The pivot feature is available for select monitors of size 27 inches or below.

Can Dell soundbars be installed on Dell Gaming monitors?
No. Dell soundbars are for select E, P, and U Series monitors. Dell Gaming monitors use a different design, and the Dell soundbars cannot be installed on the stand. For more information, see Dell Knowledge Base article Dell Soundbars Cannot Be Installed on Dell Gaming Monitor Stands.

Do the USB downstream ports turn off when the monitor goes to sleep?
If the USB upstream cable is connected, the USB downstream ports are always on.
If the USB upstream cable is not connected, the state of the USB downstream ports depends on the USB Standby setting in the OSD (Personalize -> USB).

  • USB Off in Standby mode => USB downstream ports are Off.
  • USB On in Standby mode => USB downstream ports are On.

Can I still listen to music from the headset that is connected to the headphone port when the monitor goes to sleep?
No. This is an expected behavior.

Do Dell Gaming, or Alienware monitors have in-built speakers?
Dell Gaming or Alienware monitors (except the AW5520QF) do NOT have in-built speakers. Some of the monitors have a headphone port which can be used to connect to a headset or an audio line-out port for external speakers. See the Dell Knowledge Base article Getting Audio From Dell Gaming and Alienware Monitors for more information about getting audio from the monitor.

Why do I get flicker when I use G-Sync on a Dell Gaming monitor with VA panel?
All Dell Gaming monitors using a VA panel are NOT G-Sync Compatible (except the S2721HGF). Hence issues like flicker, blanking, and so on, are expected. To fix this issue, turn off G-Sync or use FreeSync with an AMD graphics card. A list of G-Sync Compatible monitors can be found in the Dell Knowledge Base article Dell AMD FreeSync Monitors that are Nvidia G-Sync Compatible. To find more information about troubleshooting a flicker issue, see Dell Knowledge Base article Troubleshooting Flickering Video on Dell Gaming or Alienware Monitors.

Can I install my existing third-party VESA mount on a Dell Gaming or Alienware monitor?
Depending on the size of your VESA adapter plate, spacers may be required to install your third-party VESA mount. See the Dell Knowledge Base article Installing a third-party VESA Mount on a Dell Gaming or Alienware Monitor for more details.

Do I need drivers to use my Dell Gaming or Alienware monitor with Apple macOS?
No. MacBooks can be used with plug-and-play. If an adapter is required, it is recommended to use an Apple branded adapter.

Where can I find more information about Dell Display Manager? See the Dell Knowledge Base articles below:

Does Dell Display and Peripheral Manager for macOS support Dell Gaming and Alienware monitors?
No. Dell Display and Peripheral Manager for macOS does not support Dell Gaming or Alienware monitors. For more information about DDM (Mac), see Dell Knowledge Base article Dell Display and Peripheral Manager for macOS.

Why am I hearing fan noise from my OLED Monitor?
This is an expected behavior. An OLED monitor has an integrated fan to protect the monitor from overheating. The fan is on whenever the monitor is turned on and the speed of the fan varies according to the internal/ambient temperature level. You might hear a fan noise a few minutes after you turn off the monitor. The monitor may still be doing some internal processing such as Pixel Refresh operation, and so forth). Keep your monitor well ventilated.

I bought two monitors of the same model but the colors look different, and I see a yellow tint on the screen. How can I match the colors?
You can use "Custom Color" to manually adjust the color settings. See the documentation of your Dell monitor for model-specific instructions on how to adjust the color on your monitor.

I am seeing a few dead pixels on my monitor. Am I entitled for a replacement?
During the LCD manufacturing process, it is not uncommon for one or more subpixels to become fixed in an unchanging state. See the Dell Knowledge Base article Dell Display Pixel Guidelines to check Dell’s Pixel Policy and find out the replacement criteria for the monitor.

I play games in a dark room, and I noticed that my monitor has some light leakage. How do I fix that?
Light Leakage is a common issue that is seen on monitors from any manufacturer. See the Dell Knowledge Base article Troubleshooting Light Leakage or Light Bleeding on a Dell Monitor or Laptop LCD Screen for information about light leakage in Dell Gaming Monitors.

How do I fix flickering on my gaming monitor?
See the Dell Knowledge Base article Troubleshooting Flickering Video on Dell Gaming or Alienware Monitors to find troubleshooting steps for flickering on Dell Gaming Monitors.

I have set the response time to the fastest and saw some ghosting during fast game play. How do I troubleshoot this issue?
Ghosting may happen during fast game play when the response time is set to the fastest. This is due to excessive panel overdrive which may introduce some slight and noticeable visual artifacts into the image. To avoid ghosting, change the response time to a slower setting. Every computer setup and every gamer’s needs are different. Dell Technologies recommends that users experiment with different modes to find the setting that is right for them.

My monitor is using a TN panel and I noticed that the color looks washed out. What options do I have to mitigate this issue?
Changing the Brightness and Contrast settings might give an improvement. Unfortunately, washed out colors is an inherent characteristic of TN panels. A monitor with an IPS or VA panel has nicer and more accurate colors.

NVIDIA has announced G-Sync compatibility at CES 2019. I have a NVIDIA Graphics Card, and I want to use G-Sync. Are Dell AMD FreeSync Gaming Monitors G-Sync compatible?
Some of our AMD FreeSync Gaming Monitors are G-Sync compatible. See the Dell Knowledge Base article Dell AMD FreeSync Monitors that are Nvidia G-Sync Compatible to get the complete list and the steps how to enable G-Sync.

I have a NVIDIA graphics card that is connected to a Dell FreeSync Gaming monitor, and I have enabled G-Sync. However I am occasionally getting flickering, blanking, or artifacts on my screen. Why am I getting those issues?
It is likely that the monitor that you are using is NOT G-Sync Compatible. If you turn on G-Sync for that monitor, the variable refresh rate might work only partially, and you could encounter these front of screen issues randomly. See Dell Knowledge Base article Dell AMD FreeSync Monitors that are Nvidia G-Sync Compatible for the list of Dell G-Sync Compatible monitors. Consider using a G-Sync or G-Sync Compatible monitor instead.

My gaming monitor is connected to my computer with an HDMI cable. My monitor supports up to 144 Hz, but I am only getting 60 Hz. What is the issue?
If your monitor has multiple HDMI ports, check the User Guide for the maximum that is supported refresh rate for each port. Ensure you are connected to the port that supports 144 Hz.

My Xbox One X is connected to my Dell Gaming Monitor by an HDMI cable. The Xbox One X supports up to 120 Hz (QHD) and my Dell Gaming Monitor supports up to 144 Hz (QHD) by HDMI. However, I am not able to get 120 Hz (QHD). Why cannot I get a refresh rate of 120 Hz (QHD)?
Check the HDMI preset display modes table in the monitor user guide. 120 Hz (QHD) should not be supported in the EDID timing. Use a lower refresh rate as defined in the preset display modes.

My Dell G-Sync monitor does not wake up after the display enters the sleep mode even after pressing keys on the keyboard or moving the mouse. How to I fix the sleep issue?
In order to meet the sleep mode power consumption of 0.5 watts, the NVIDIA G-sync module will be turned off after the monitor enters sleep mode. This state ignores any mouse movement. Pressing any button on the front panel or power cycling the monitor to wake up the monitor.

Does Dell have a forum where I can find solutions for my gaming monitor issues?
Yes, you can try the following forums:

How do I fix the Burn-In (Image retention) Issue on my gaming monitor?
Set the screen to turn off after a few minutes of screen idle time. These can be adjusted in the Windows Power Options or Mac Energy Saver setting. Alternatively, use a dynamically changing screensaver. You can also run the LCD Conditioning feature in the On Screen Display (OSD) menu if available. For an OLED monitor, perform the function of Pixel Refresh or Panel Refresh (See OLED Panel Maintenance in the User Guide).

If you have further questions about this article, contact Dell Technical Support.

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