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What is TPM?The TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, is a security hardware device on the system board that will hold computer generated keys for encryption. It is a hardware based solution that can help avoid attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys to sensitive data.

When deploying advanced security features like TPM in your environment, the archive and recovery of keys protected by the TPM is critical to avoiding the risk of data loss or inaccessibility in the event of a system failure.

The security features provided by the TPM are internally supported by the following cryptographic capabilities of each TPM: hashing, random number generation, asymmetric key generation, and asymmetric encryption/decryption. Each individual TPM on each individual computer system has a unique signature initialized during the silicon manufacturing process that further enhances its trust/security effectiveness. Each individual TPM must have an Owner before it is useful as a security device.

TPM ApplicationsTPM is useful for any customer that is interested in providing an addition layer of security to the computer system. The TPM, when bundled with an optional security software package, can provide overall system security, file protection capabilities and protect against email /privacy concerns. TPM helps provide security that can be stronger than that contained in the system BIOS, operating system, or any non-TPM application.

Which Dell systems support TPM?The TPM 1.2 security hardware device comes standard on the following LatitudeTM  notebook systems: Latitude D420, D620, D820, OptiPlexTM  desktop systems: OptiPlex 745, 740 and Dell PrecisionTM  Mobile Workstations M65, M90. Dell recommends the use of Microsoft® Windows®  XP Professional XP Professional operating system with TPM which includes advanced security, mobility and networking features. TPM is currently not supported by Dell on Red Hat® Linux®  operating systems. Customers who deploy TPM should also purchase Wave Systems Embassy Trust Suite from Dell Software & Peripherals to enable full TPM features including key archival and migration.

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