Fusion-io ioDrive Memory Card

Fusion-io ioDrive Memory Card

Fusion-io ioDrive

Increase application performance while reducing infrastructure and operating costs

The Fusion-io ioDrive memory tier is a NAND flash-based extension of the server memory hierarchy that offers persistent RAM-like performance with disk-drive-like capacities, all at a fraction of the cost of conventional RAM or SAN solutions.

  • 3-10X infrastructure consolidation: Slash infrastructure expenditures, maintenance overhead, power and cooling costs
  • 3-10X application performance: Eliminate I/O bottlenecks to dramatically accelerate applications and databases
  • Enterprise reliability: Advanced ECC, N+1 chip-level parity, longest life/predictable wear-out, no volatile DRAM

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Experience a blend of style and performance with ioDrives from FusionIO. The ioDrive features a write bandwidth of up to 1.0 GB/s and read bandwidth of up to 1.4 GB/s for high data transfer rates. Additionally, the ioDrive can accelerate applications, improves response times, boosts efficiency, reduces storage latencies and eliminates I/O bottlenecks. It easily outperforms dozens of SSDs without adding complexity and also delivers the performance of thousands of disk drives in a single server. With its other features such as easy to use and highly reliable this ioDrive is a revolutionary solid state technology that dramatically increases bandwidth and application performance, reduces latency, and simplifies your IT infrastructure.


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