Dell XPS 17 Laptop Details

Dell XPS 17 Laptop Details

Dell XPS 17 Laptop
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Movies, games, and music come to life in breathtaking 3D, with amazing visuals and incredible sound, all powered by the latest Intel®  processors.

  • Enjoy 3D content on the go* or at home on your 3DTV*
  • Get New, faster 2nd generation Intel Core processors
  • Experience leading edge NVIDIA®  performance graphics that bring your media to life



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Movies, games and 3D videos come to life

3D your way. You only see movies in 3D. You prefer your games to jump out at you. You have a brand new, state-of-the-art 3DTV. Now you can take the media you already enjoy, the way you like it best - lifelike, immersive, eye-popping and interactive- and enjoy it in your home or everywhere you go.

3D To Go
3D on your screen*. Sweet graphics. Killer sound. Truly your own personal 3D theater. Dell offers the highest quality 3D experience you can get with an optional full high definition (1080p) resolution 3D plus active shutter technology. Not always in 3D? No problem. The full high-definition panel provides an amazing 2D experience in 1080p.

With full resolution, there is no need to scale down resolution or remove information to fit the panels. And at 120 FPS (60FPS right and left), a full resolution image (1920 x 1080 pixels each) is displayed at full frame rate in each eye. And active shutter technology gives you a wider viewing angle, meaning you don’t need to be in a “sweet spot” to see the content in 3D. Compared to passive poloarized technology, active shutter also has better image quality because of higher resolution and reduction in ghosting or doubled images.

The XPS 17 comes standard with NVIDIA 3D Vision, which offers unique opportunities to stream 3D content like PGA Championship, NASCAR, the Masters Tournament and other live sporting events. Only available through www.3DVisionLive.com. Play over 500 games in stunning 3D. NVIDIA 3D Vision automatically converts 2D games in 3D and supports the hottest games like Call of Duty Black Ops, StarCraft II, and Civilization V.
Dell XPS 17 Laptop with 3D  Technology

Dell XPS 17 Laptop with 3D  Technology
Dell XPS 17 Laptop with 3D  Technology

3D at home on the big screen

XPS laptops are also the first Dell laptops to offer integrated NVIDIA 3DTV Play technology. This enables you to leverage the 3D processing power of NVIDIA®  GeForce®  graphics to create an immersive 3D experience in your own home, on a compatible 3D TV.

Simply connect your laptop to a compatible 3D-enabled TV and effortlessly project your favorite Blu-ray 3D movies and 3D photo slideshows for a real-life theater experience. Then, bring your 3D-enabled games to life. Using the power of your laptop and a 3D TV, you can step into an eye-popping 3D gaming experience right in your living room.To harness the 3D power of your XPS 17, all you need is an HDMI cable, optional Blu-ray DiscTM  drive, a NVIDIA compatible 3DTV, 3D glasses and 3D media. For a list of 3D TVs, visit http://www.nvidia.com/object/3d-tv-play.html.

2nd generation Intel Core i7 Processor

Whether it’s HD or 3D, multitasking or multimedia, this processor can handle it all. Its top-of-the-line adaptable speed and responsiveness make the 2nd generation Intel®  CoreTM  i7 processor the ideal choice for visibly smart performance at its best.

Second gen Intel®  CoreTM  i7 processors are up to 42% faster on content creation than previous generation i7 processors.

Spend more time creating, and less time waiting.
  • Edit video from camcorder faster – up to 47%*
  • Create digital photo memories faster – up to 35%*
Get faster multimedia performance on high-end multimedia creation, 3D rendering, 3D gaming, video editing, visual and image processing with Intel®  AVX.
Do tasks and load applications more quickly with better responsiveness with TurboBoost 2.0.* Gives you extra power when you need it and saves battery when you don’t.
Hassle-free way to share content on the big screen now in full high definition (1080p) with Intel®  Wireless Display ready laptops.*

Dell XPS 17 Laptop with 3D  Technology

Razor-Sharp Graphics Come Standard

The XPS 17 comes standard with leading edge NVIDIA®  performance graphics* for powerful photo and video editing and high-resolution gaming with breathtaking detail.

Smart Power Management
Long media marathons are no problem with smart power management that helps extend battery life when you need it. NVIDIA OptimusTM  technology automatically optimizes your battery life while maintaining the graphics performance you expect — completely, seamlessly and transparently — whether you’re watching an HD movie, surfing the web, or playing a 3D game.

Mind-Blowing Audio

XPS laptops are designed to be the loudest, clearest and cleanest laptops on the planet.

High-fidelity JBL speakers and Waves MaxxAudio®  technology produce rich, full sound that delivers booming bass and razor-sharp clarity to your favorite movies, music and games. Treat your ears with up to 22W of peak audio performance on the XPS 17.

Using the same award-winning Waves algorithms heard on hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games the world over, MaxxAudio is designed to deliver better dynamic range, frequency response, and imaging, with maximum transparency, clarity, and natural sound. Waves®  Pro Audio tools are endorsed by many of the biggest names in show business, including twelve-time Grammy®  award winner Kanye West.

Your sound is fully customizable — personalize, store and dial up your own precision presets. With a touch of your finger, the exclusive Waves button on your XPS laptop gives you instant access to the MaxxAudio interface. The ultimate laptop sound is only a touch away! Together, these technologies enable you to take the surround-sound experience of your home theater with you wherever you go. Learn more

Your Life in Hi-Def

XPS laptops have the tools that bring your world to you, wherever you are.

Ultra-Clear. Ultra-Flexible.
Connect with your loved ones across the globe in stunning high definition using the internet and XPS 17’s HD Webcam. It’s the first Webcam to offer HD video streaming for ultra-clear 720p resolution. That means you can go to full screen while chatting and still maintain a very crisp image of your loved ones. Experience the moment as if you were there. You can also record and share videos at low resolution, for sending via email or at high resolution, to post to YouTube® .

Connect to the World
Video conferencing is now even easier with Dell and SkypeTM  . The new XPS 17 is one of the first laptops to be certified by Skype and offers preinstalled Skype software standard on every XPS 17.

Commitment to quality

We’ve made a number customer initiated refinements to the our XPS laptops. The XPS design process incorporates rigorous testing that is developed to align with our real world customer feedback and use. We even step out of the testing labs and have our own employees and customers beta test these laptops to provide ongoing feedback to engineering.

We stress-test all XPS laptops as performance gaming systems to help ensure you get the performance you expect out of your new high-powered XPS laptop and to ensure they keep their cool under the most performance hungry situations. Power adaptors exceed average customer consumption needs to help ensure you have the power to support even the most difficult tasks.