Dell DataSafe PC to PC Transfer FAQs

Dell DataSafe PC to PC Transfer FAQs

1. What is Dell DataSafe PC to PC Transfer?

Dell’s DataSafe PC to PC Transfer allows you to pre-set your personalized settings on your new PC the same way that they exist on your current PC. We personalize your system while it’s being built, so that when it arrives, the PC feels like yours. Plus, if there are multiple people using one PC, Dell will take into account each person’s unique settings and personalize the new system to look and feel the same way that the old one did. That way, when you log on, the view that you see is uniquely yours. PC to PC Transfer will also migrate your information saved in your Dell DataSafe Online Backup & Sharing account if you are a DataSafe Online account holder.

2. What are "personalized settings"?

Personalized settings include those elements that make your system unique to you, such as:

  • Background (wallpaper) and Desktop Settings
  • Internet favorites and homepage
  • Email contacts, distributions list and account setup information
  • Mouse settings – both touchpad (laptops) and traditional USB mice (desktops)
  • Screen Saver – for Windows based screen savers
  • Accessibility options – filter keys, screen resolution
  • Regional options – dictates language, currency, time, etc

3. What can I expect PC to PC Transfer to do?

With PC to PC Transfer, Dell will transfer files and settings from your current computer to your new Dell computer. You select which Windows User Accounts you want to move to your new PC, and for each account with PC to PC Transfer you can:

  • Migrate all personalized settings
  • Minimize your downtime
  • Transfer files* such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, pictures, and folders
               *A Dell DataSafe Online Backup & Sharing account is required to take advantage of this feature. Files and folders contained                  within the Dell DataSafe Online account will be automatically migrated.

4. How do I purchase PC to PC Transfer?

You can add PC to PC Transfer to your Dell system order for $29 when you place an order via dell.com or over the telephone. Dell will capture your settings and Dell DataSafe Online Backup & Sharing account information (if applicable) with simple instructions we will send to you via email. It’s that easy!

5. What if I’m unable to use the application. What do I do now?

Contact a Dell technician and we will walk you through the necessary steps to upload your desired settings and DataSafe Online Backup & Sharing account information (if applicable).

6. So, do I need to pay extra to transfer my DataSafe Online account information?

No. If you have an existing Dell DataSafe Online account, you automatically get the content in your Dell DataSafe Online account included in your PC to PC transfer for no additional charge – it’s still just $29!

7. I don’t have an existing DataSafe Online account. Can I still have Dell move my data onto my new PC?

Absolutely, but first you have to set up your Dell DataSafe Online Backup account.

Step 1: Before ordering your new Dell system, go to www.dell.com/datasafe and purchase a DataSafe Online Backup Account. (This account size will take priority over the included trial associated with your new PC).

Step 2: Select your personal information and data that you would like backed up to your DataSafe Online Backup and Sharing account. (Note: upload time is dependent on Internet connection speed, and size of data being backed up).

Step 3: When you are buying your new Dell system, remember to add PC to PC Transfer to your order. Your DataSafe Online account information will be automatically encrypted and loaded onto your new system along with your personality settings. Only you will be able to access and unlock your DataSafe Online account with your password.

8. I have a Desktop and a Notebook computer, can I use PC to PC Transfer to personalize settings on multiple computers?

PC to PC Transfer works on a per system basis, so you can purchase it for each new system being purchased.

9. I don’t own a Dell system now. Will I be able to upload the settings from my current system to my new Dell PC?

Yes! PC to PC Transfer will work on systems that have either Windows®  XP or Windows Vista®  operating system.

10. I bought my system while I was on vacation, so I wasn’t able to send Dell my system information before my new system arrived. Help!

No worries. Just find the initial e-mail that Dell sent to you and follow the instructions included to download the application, upload your data, and move your information to your new system. Click on the PC to PC Transfer icon on your new system desktop and the software will walk you through the remaining steps.

11. What is the difference between PC to PC Transfer and other similar offers I’ve read about?

Keeping in line with Dell’s build-to-order model to deliver unique, customized systems to our Customers, we are extending our philosophy to give you even more control over making your PC feel like it’s truly yours. When you purchase your new Dell system with PC to PC Transfer, Dell will send you a web site link to register your current system with Dell. Once you've registered, Dell will provide you with an application to download. The application will scan your system, taking a "snapshot" of it, and will then move your personalized settings, or your personalized settings and DataSafe Online account content (existing DataSafe Online customers only); from one computer to another while your order is being built. It’s that simple.

12. I’m concerned about transmitting my personal content. How safe is this process?

We use the same secure process with PC to PC Transfer as we do when you save your data to a Dell DataSafe Online Backup & Sharing account. Dell uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption to protect your data and it also uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit to protect the transmission of your personalized settings and DataSafe Online account information to Dell’s data centers. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your important data from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure.

13. What are the system requirements needed to use PC to PC Transfer?

PC to PC Transfer is available for Dell InspironTM  and XPSTM  systems using Windows®  XP, or Windows Vista®  operating systems. The specifications needed are:
  • Windows XP/Windows Vista
  • Not compatible with Windows 64-bit Operating Systems
  • Intel®  or compatible 486DX or higher processor
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 20 MB of hard disk space

14. What other requirements are there for PC to PC Transfer?

There aren’t too many. Just remember to:
  • Confirm that you have an active Internet connection before getting started. Both dial-up and high-speed connections will function, however, Dell recommends a broadband connection to allow for faster content transfer, and
  • Connect portable systems to an AC power source during the (upload or download) transfer.
When you get your new Dell system, remember to launch Dell DataSafe PC to PC Transfer by clicking on the icon during your PC setup process or locating or the icon located on your desktop. Dell also recommends that you store your username, password and password hint in a safe place as passwords are not retrievable by Dell.

Offers subject to change, not combinable with all other offers. Taxes, shipping, handling and other fees apply. U.S. Dell Home new purchases only. Dell reserves the right to cancel orders arising from pricing or other errors.