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Dell Digital Signage

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Dell Digital Signage Hardware

Dell Digital Signage— Hardware to Deliver Content

Best in class display manufacturers including Samsung and NEC to provide a choice of display features and capabilities

Large Format Displays
Dell Digital Signage can help you identify the best possible display brands, sizes, and features to fit your needs and budget, no matter how demanding your environment or application. Dell— the world leading provider of flat panel displays— partners with best in class display manufacturers including NEC and Samsung to provide a choice of display features and capabilities.

  • Commercial and Consumer Displays- choose from commercial and consumer displays that offer a selection of built-in features such as button lock out, built to run 24/7, automated turn-on and off, enhanced video color, enclosures designed to withstand tough environments, extended service plans with true business support line, and ability to network, locally store, and stream content including HDTV.
  • Display Size- choose from large format display sizes from 32" to 108" based on display distance from end-user or video walls made up of 100’s of TVs showing one message. We also offer touch screens, mounting hardware, and kiosks for indoors and out.
  • LCD vs. Plasma Displays- plasma displays offer truer color, lower price, and faster response, while LCD displays offer slimmer design, lower power consumption, work well in ambient light, and avoid burn-in.
  • Display Partners- Samsung commercial displays and NEC commercial displays

Dell Desktops
Run your content management software on a Dell system— the preferred desktop and laptop of enterprises in the U.S. and Europe.

Dell PowerEdge Server
Use your existing network infrastructure or Dell Digital Signage can identify the Dell PowerEdge server configuration to best meet your requirements— from one central server managing content on a network across multiple remote locations, to one server for each location for non-networked, locally managed content.

Dell OptiPlex Media Player
The Dell OptiPlex makes an ideal media player, providing flexibility, scalability, and power for a rich image experience.

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