Dell/EMC AX100 Storage Array

Dell/EMC AX100 Storage Array

A Complete, Simplified Storage Solution

Dell/EMC AX100 Storage Array
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Our new Dell/EMC AX100 is the first storage consolidation platform designed specifically to create a low-cost Storage Area Network (SAN) that is easy to use. The AX100 is the ideal storage array for small or medium-sized businesses, schools, local government agencies or even branch offices of large corporations. Organizations with limited IT support will really appreciate how easy it is to deploy and manage this highly affordable storage solution. The system comes complete with simplified software. Just follow Dell's easy, customer-friendly process to create a SAN:

  • Connect the AX100 to a server
  • Run Dell's easy-to-use graphical interface wizard to install and set up the system configuration in four simple steps
  • Run additional wizards to install other devices to your SAN, such as servers or Brocade's new 3250 VL2 switch
  • Run the easy-to-use management software to provision storage volumes
  • Include the new QLogic QLA 200 HBAs — HBAs are network adapters that help servers communicate with the SAN using Fibre Channel protocol

The AX100 also includes automated failover software that routes data to another drive helping to assure your data is always available and snapshot software that helps you recover lost or corrupted data.

Redundant Architecture and Robust Performance

The AX100 incorporates mirrored cache and provides redundant controllers, power supplies and fans to help ensure that your data is always available. Starting at 480 GB capacity, the array supports up to 12 hard drives that can accommodate up to three TB of data. One of the hard drives can also be dedicated as a "hot spare" that is automatically incorporated into a RAID set if another drive fails.

The low-cost AX100 configured with dual processors also provides powerful performance supporting up to 30,000 I/Os per second and up to 300 MB/s of throughput with active/active controller configurations.

A Complete, Simplified Storage Solution

Now even small organizations can afford reliable data storage that can grow with their data requirements. Thanks to the AX100's simplified management tools, it's never been easier. Let us show you how easy and affordable it is to create a SAN. It's Easy as Dell.

Dell/EMC AX100 Fibre Channel RAID Array
Dell/EMC Fibre Channel AX100
  • Easy to manage storage array that offers SAN expandability at a low cost
  • Dual processor capability for added performance and redundancy
  • Requires Dell HBA for server connectivity
PowerVault SilkWorm 3250 Switch
Dell SAN Switch for AX100
  • This Dell SW 3250 is great for a first SAN in either a workgroup or a department. The switch combines enterprise quality with entry-level affordability and is fully compatible with all Brocade 1 and 2 Gbit/sec switches and directors, providing a flexible foundation for entry-level SANs. The Dell SW 3250 is ideal for implementing key SAN solutions such as easing e-mail storage growth and streamlining data backup.
QLA200 Host Bus Adapter
Dell HBA for AX100
  • The Dell 2Gbit QLA200 HBA extends the award-winning line of Fibre Channel SAN connectivity products deep into the small and medium-sized business markets. Enabling truly simple, low-cost SAN deployments — the HBA includes easy-to-use GUI-based management software with installation wizards.
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