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Learn About High-Speed Internet

About High-Speed Internet
As high-speed Internet grows in popularity and availability, it is quickly becoming the standard way to connect to the Web. Also known as “broadband,” a high-speed connection lets your computer access the Internet for Web surfing, e-mail and downloading at speeds up to 70 times faster than dial-up connections.

Compare High-Speed Internet Access
High-speed Internet is available in three different types – cable, DSL and satellite. Use the chart below to learn more about each type and find out how you can get connected.

DescriptionHigh-speed Web access via traditional cable TV wiresA dedicated high-speed connection using the extra bandwidth on your phone lineFaster-than-dial-up speeds for people without access to cable or DSL
Estimated SpeedUp to 4 Mbps*Up to 3 Mbps*Up to 400 kbps*
Monthly Rates$41.95 and up with additional savings through Dell$24.95 and up with additional savings through Dell$59.99 and up
InstallationService provided by your local cable television provider (required coaxial cable wall outlet)Service provided by your local telephone provider (plugs into existing phone jacks)Service provided by national satellite provider (special dish or antenna required)

To get connected to high-speed Internet, you will need a Network Interface Card (NIC) installed on your PC. New Dell computers come with NIC installed.

Availability of each service varies by location and provider.

Specifications, availability and terms of offers subject to change without notice. Offer may not be available with all other offers or discounts from Dell Home & Home Office Dell cannot be responsible for pricing or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel orders arising from such errors.