Intel dual-core

Intel dual-core
Intel and Dell!

Watch the dual-core demo from Intel:

Intel Dual-Core
Comparison between an Intel Dual-Core and an Intel Processor with HT- Technology

Bring your digital home to life. Open up exciting new options for the whole family to create, play, learn, and share using enhanced capabilities offered by Intel®  dual-core processor-based PCs.

  • Multi-tasking
  • Multi-media
  • Multi-users

Intel dual-core processors enable more efficient computing to help you and your family do more on your PC at the same time.

Power Up Your Gaming Experience:

Crave state-of-the-art performance in the latest high-end games AND the performance to do more with audio, video, and digital entertainment? Find it with an Intel dual-core processor.
  • Get superb realism and richness in next-generation games. The Intel®  Pentium®  processor Extreme Edition combines Hyper-Threading Technology with dual-core processing to give you four threads of performance.
  • Play the latest titles and experience ultra-realistic effects and game play.
  • Count on the state-of-the-art performance of an Intel dual-core processor to help get you past the next level WHILE ripping your CDs, creating new media, editing video and encoding big media files that used to slow your CPU to a crawl.
Play to Win! Buy a Dell XPS 600 with an Intel®  Pentium®  processor Extreme Edition that combines HT Technology and dual-core processing.

Multiply Your Entertainment Experience:

Enjoy entertainment - music, movies, digital photos, and more -the way you want throughout your home.
  • Share music, videos, or photos with any PC on the home network or a stereo or TV through connected devices.
  • With a home network and a digital media adapter, you can access the same PC from different rooms of the house at the same time.
  • Let your PC do its thing (run a virus scan or download a movie) while you do yours (edit a home video or play a graphics intensive game). Intel dual-core processor-based PCs are designed to allow you to access even more computing resources when multiple applications are running at the same time.
  • Listen to music on your PC, transfer it to your portable music player, or create your own playlists.
Bring exciting entertainment experiences home! Order a Dell XPS 400 with an Intel®  Pentium®  D processor featuring two processing cores.

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